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Wyoming's 10 Best Festivals and Events in Summer 2014
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Wyoming's 10 Best Festivals and Events in Summer 2014

Picture of James Moore
Updated: 9 February 2017
By James Moore

Colloquially known as the ‘Cowboy State’, Wyoming is a peak-strewn region of the western United States. This summer, Wyoming plays host to myriad arts and cultural events, from Native American eagle spirit dancing to Shakespearean declamations in Pinedale. In the coming months, the state will prove it’s about more than just cowboys; attend one of these top ten arts and culture events to find out what Wyoming has to offer.

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Culture | Northern Arapaho Cultural Experience

3 June – 27 August

Already in full swing, the Northern Arapaho Cultural Experience offers attendees the chance to enjoy authentic performances of traditional Indian dance and stories, every Tuesday this summer, beginning at 6pm. The Arapaho are a Native American tribe who have historically dwelled on the expansive plains of Colorado and Wyoming. The Northern Arapaho Cultural Experience is held at the Wind River Hotel and Casino, which is 100% owned by the Arapaho tribe, and at which 90% of the employees are Native Americans. The event is held in the majestic environs surrounding Riverton, WY, where the views of the Wind River Mountains are wondrous. This cultural feast is entirely free of charge, call ahead or check the website for further details.

Northern Arapaho Cultural Experience, Wind River Hotel and Casino, 10269 Wyoming 789, Riverton, WY, United States, +1 866-657-1604

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Dance | Eagle Spirit Indian Dancers

19 June – 20 August

For an authentic Native American knees-up, be sure to attend the Eagle Spirit Indian Dancers events this summer, held at the Museum of the American West in Lander, WY. Join the ebullient spirit dancers in their polychromatic attire, as they flail away every Wednesday throughout July until late August. Attendees are not only invited to join in this bonanza of spiritual gyrating, but are offered the chance to be taught ‘the friendship dance’ from the highly talented traditional dancers. Bring the whole family down to enjoy and cavort in the bucolic surroundings of Northwest Wyoming. Be sure to check the museum website or call to find out more information.

Eagle Spirit Indian Dancers, Museum of the American West, 1445 Main St, Lander, WY, United States, +1 307-335-8778

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Music | Inside The Music (Grand Teton Music Festival)

8 July – 13 August

The Inside the Music event, otherwise known as the Grand Teton Music Festival, is now its 53rd summer, and its 40th year in the venerable Walk Festival Hall. Described by The Wall Street Journal as ‘one of the best places in [the United States] to hear classical music in summer’, Inside the Music is the choice destination for classical music aficionados, and explorers of euphony alike. The event runs for just over a month, and the schedule is replete with diverse performances, from Strauss to Haydn, ensuring all tastes are catered for. The musical director of the event is none other than the maestro Donald Runnicles, who is the General Music Director of Deutsche Oper Berlin and Chief Conductor of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

Inside the Music, 3330 Cody Ln, Bridger Teton National Forest, Jackson, WY, United States, +1 307-733-1128

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Food and Culture | Green River Rendezvous Vendor Street Fair

10 July – 13 July

Limber up for an energetic three days of browsing and bartering, and slink down to the Green River Rendezvous Vendor Street Fair this July in downtown Pinedale,. There will be over 100 vendors in attendance at this gastronomic jamboree, offering foods from corn dogs, to philly cheese-steak sandwiches. Masticate your way around the festival, and perhaps even nab an elegant antique, or one of the many homemade craft goods that will be on display. If you would like to establish your own booth at this event then it is imperative to phone in advance to book a space.

Green River Reendezvous, E Pine St, Pinedale, WY, United States, +1 307-367-2242

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Theatre | Shakespeare in the Park – Pinedale

17 July

‘Tis torture not mercy, heaven is here, in Pinedale, where on July 17, the Shakespeare in the Park event will be held as a nod to the work of the venerated playwright, William Shakespeare. This year, the Wyoming Shakespeare Festival Touring Company will be not performing the work of the bard himself, but that of his literary (almost) equal, Friedrich Schiller, in the form of the play, Mary Stuart. Schiller deftly depicts the twilight period of Mary Queen of Scots’ life, and all of this will be played out in the verdant surroundings of the American Legion Park. The event is entirely free to all members of the public with a bent for Jacobean theatre.

Shakespeare in the Park, 432 W Pine St., Pinedale, WY, United States, +1 307-367-7322

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Culture | Fremont County Fair and Rodeo

28 July – 2 August

Saddle up and gallop down to the Fremont County Fair and Rodeo for a truly Western cultural treat. Now in its 101st year, this county fair and rodeo, held in Riverton, WY, is a cornucopia of Wyoming-style entertainments, ensuring that there will be something to please punters of all ages. As well as the rodeo, which is the main event, this fair also offers the chance to see both the bizarre, in the form of hog wrestling, and the adrenalin-soaked, brutal spectacle of the demolition derby. For an event befitting Wyoming’s title of the ‘Cowboy State’, there is no better destination this summer, than the Fremont County Fair and Rodeo.

Fremont County Fair Office, 1010 Fairground Rd, Riverton, WY, United States, +1 307-856-6611

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Music | Wyoming’s Big Show Mainstage Concert

29 July – 2 August

This year, Sweetwater County Fair is holding the ‘After Dark Concert Series’ as part of the Wyoming Big Show event. On the esteemed line-up are bands like the acclaimed Las Vegas quartet Adelitas Way, who will perform with all manner of sonorous instrument to gently massage the ear canals of the lucky guests in attendance. The seating is to be ‘festival style’, so guests are encouraged to bring their own chairs and rugs so they can enjoy the mellifluence of all the bands present in comfort. Attendees will pay a set fee to get access to the Sweetwater County Fair, after which the concerts will all be entirely free of charge.

Sweetwater Count Fair, 3320 Yellowstone Rd, Rock Springs, WY, United States, +1 307-352-6789

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Art | Art on the Green

15 – 16 August

Every year, the city of Green River holds a two-day event, dedicated to the visual arts, called Art on the Green. This year, artists are being encouraged to enter a competition to win a commission as part of a new sculpture program for works that are to be placed at the three entrances to Green River, WY. The first of these, the ‘Miner’ will be the commission up for grabs this year, so local artistes will be steadying their creative hands and bringing a maquette along on 15 August to be judged by an independent committee. Non-competing guests are encouraged to attend to view these various and aesthetically stimulating maquettes in the calming setting of Expedition Island. If you are interested in entering the competition, see the information document on the Green River city website.

Art on the Green, Expedition Island, Green River, WY, United States, +1 307-872-0514

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Art | 17th Street Art Festival

15 – 17 August

This year, Cheyenne plays host to the 17th Street Arts Festival, where local artists are able to corral and share their visionary creations throughout this two-day festival. Both visual and performing artists will be in attendance so there is likely to be something to suit the tastes and attention spans of all ages. Once guests have worked up an appetite consuming the vast array of visual feats being exhibited, there is an enormous high-end artisan craft and food section where gustatory delights will be on offer in abundance. Digest the delectable fare by perambulating around the surround area of Cheyenne and enjoying the street performers.

17th Street Art Festival, Dinneen Square, 17th and Pioneer, Cheyenne, WY, United States, +1 307-222-4091

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Music | Snowy Range Music Festival

29 – 30 August

Recline on the spongy astroturf and lend your ear to some heady resonance at this year’s Snowy Range Music Festival just outside Laramie, WY. This three-day sonic extravaganza has been planned with its audience in mind, with the two different stages strategically placed so that recumbent listeners need only swivel their respective chairs in order to enjoy the next act. Share an acronycal glass of something refreshing from one of the many vendors that pepper the festival site. Frivolous frequenters are also able to attend a variety of free workshops, including guitar, harmonica, photography, and didgeridoo sessions.

Snowy Range Music Festival, 3520 U.S. 287, Laramie, WY, United States, +1 307-343-0366