The Best Places For Coffee In Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Best Places For Coffee In Cheyenne, Wyoming
Whether looking for a quirky, local cafe with an impressive range of drinks, caffeinated and otherwise, or a just quiet spot for a lunch break, Cheyenne has somewhere for everyone looking for a good cup of Joe. Head to one of our top five coffee spots for your daily pick-me-up.
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Paramount Cafe

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Paramount Cafe offers an array of hot and cold coffees, bubble teas, blended drinks, and a ‘Super Secret’ menu, featuring their own take on butter beer of the Harry Potter world. Additionally to cafe fare, Paramount offers open mic nights every Friday night at 7pm, as well as a new featured artist in their gallery every month. With a facade like an old-school movie theater, Paramount is a fantastic cafe both due to the quality of their drinks as well for creating a unique, vibrant, and youthful atmosphere.
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The Drive Brew

The Drive Brew is one of Cheyenne’s smallest, albeit best, spots to stop and grab a coffee to start the day. Served from an unsuspecting log-built shed, the Drive Brew focuses on serving delicious coffees as well as some breakfast foods in a friendly and convenient setting for those wanting caffeine on the go. Their banana nut mocha is a must try for coffee fanatics with a sweet tooth, as are the bubble teas.

2634 Dell Range Blvd, Cheyenne, WY +1 (307) 514 5669

Trail Coffee

The famously haunted Trail Coffee, located in the historic Plains Hotel, offers a low-key spot to chill out and watch the town pass, or maybe to see a ghost or two. Perfect for those who are hoping to see some of Cheyenne’s history, the coffee and gift shop celebrates Wyoming’s frontier image with elegant Western inspired decor, meaning that this cafe looks as good as the coffee they serve tastes.

1600 Central Ave, Cheyenne, WY +1 (307) 638 3311

City News and Pipe Shop

Featuring a wide range of magazine and books, frequently written by local authors, City News and Pipe Shop is a low-key, community-oriented spot, perfect for a lunch break or for a quiet reading spot. With different blends brewed every day, as well as a selection of lunch options, City News and Pipe Shop focuses on creating a quiet, comfortable environment for customers to browse while they sip on a latte.

1722 Carey Ave, Cheyenne, WY +1 (307) 638 8671

Whistle Stop Coffee Shop

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Upstairs in the Asher Building and using coffee beans that are freshly roasted on the shop’s grounds, Whistle Stop Coffee Shop offers not only some of the city’s best coffee but additionally an extensive food menu, including sandwiches, baked goods, salads, and burritos. With a cozy laid-back atmosphere and the inviting smell of roasting coffee, Whistle Stop Coffee Shop is a popular place to hang out and chat with the regular customers.
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