17 Photos That Prove Wyoming Is A Wintry Dreamscape

Jackson, Wyoming | © Robert Engberg/Flickr
Jackson, Wyoming | © Robert Engberg/Flickr
Photo of Alexia Wulff
2 December 2016

Home to vast plains, towering peaks, and the famous Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming is a vision of natural beauty. But it truly blossoms in the winter when a blanket of snow falls over the region, painting the verdant forests and alpine rivers white. For a glimpse into the state’s wintry dreamscape, read on.

This western state is home to hundreds of animal species; even during the colder months, roaming snow-covered bison are to be expected.

Bison on Swan Lake Flat | © Yellowstone National Park/Flickr

Winter in Yellowstone National Park resembles a time before modern invention and technology. No cars, fewer people, and unmarked trails are waiting to be discovered.

Yellowstone | Public Domain/Pixabay

Soda Butte Creek flows from a now-extinct geyser in Yellowstone National Park, rushing through Wyoming’s frozen landscape.

Soda Butte Creek | Public Domain/Pixabay

Yellowstone National Park is packed with majestic mountains and rock formations, which are even more remarkable when surrounded by ice and snow.

Yellowstone | Public Domain/Pixabay

With stark landscapes come breathtaking sunrises, accompanied by rose-colored skies and a hint of sunshine. Plus, it wouldn’t be Wyoming without a moose running wild.

A young moose | © marco antonio torres/Flickr

White on white on white. Is there anything more magical than that? While this seems like a distant place, winter enthusiasts can opt for snowshoes and uncover some of Yellowstone’s hidden treasures.

Yellowstone | Public Domain/Pixabay

Frosted trees, snow-capped mountains, and misty fog make for the ultimate winter scenery.

_MG_2031 | © Robert Engberg/Flickr

Roads close, rivers freeze, and snowstorms roll into Yellowstone National Park during winter. But as the crowds depart, it is transformed into a winter wonderland, with geysers emitting hot bursts of steam from the surface.

Yellowstone | Public Domain/Pixabay

What is a dreamy winter landscape without wildlife? Because of the coyote’s ability to adapt to nearly any kind of environment, the population has thrived in Wyoming – just after the wolf population.

Coyote in Yellowstone | Public Domain/Pixabay

Wyoming is home to the largest living dune system in America; the Red Desert is over 9,000 square miles of high-altitude desert that stretches across the southern portion of the state. In winter, experience the rolling dunes covered in snow.

Snow Dunes, Yellowstone National Park | Public Domain/Pixabay

Trees, snow, and an unusual view of Wyoming’s most predominant residents. In the Northern Rocky Mountain States – Wyoming, Idaho, Montana – there are 282 packs, with nearly 1,700 wolves.

Yellowstone National Park | Public Domain/Pixabay

Yellowstone River, which traverses for 692 miles, is known for its winding waters and crashing waterfalls; in winter, the near-frozen river moves slowly through the white landscape.

Yellowstone River | Public Domain/Pixabay

While the warmer months provide optimal views of the geysers in Yellowstone National Park, winter provides an unusually eerie scenery marked by steam, snow, and a myriad of colors.

Hot springs in winter | Public Domain/Pixabay

Laramie is the state’s most famous cross-country skiing destination, with trails that wander through Chimney Park and into the woods.

Cross country skiing | Public Domain/Pixabay

There are over 70 named mountain peaks over 8,000 feet high in Yellowstone, with four separate mountain ranges. Does it get any more winter than that?

Yellowstone mountains | Public Domain/Pixabay

Just south of Grand Teton National Park, find the area’s famous forested trails and backcountry skiing.

Snow trails | Public Domain/Pixabay

On the outskirts of Jackson, discovering the winterscape is best done by snowmobile: glide along the snowbanks of the many rushing rivers or wind through the trees.

_MG_2099 | © Robert Engberg/Flickr

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