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The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Wisconsin
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The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Wisconsin

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Best known for bratwurst and fish fries, Wisconsin is not the easiest place to be a vegetarian. Vegans may also find it difficult to find a restaurant that meets their dietary restrictions in the self-proclaimed Dairy State. Vegetarianism and veganism is becoming more popular however, and an increasing number of these restaurants are popping up around the state. Here is a list of the 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Wisconsin.
Grilled Eggplant and Tofu Sandwich (c) Howard Walfish/Flickrcommons
Grilled Eggplant and Tofu Sandwich | © Howard Walfish/Flickrcommons

Café Manna

Café Manna was one of the first restaurants in Wisconsin to serve an entirely vegetarian menu. It is also very environmentally friendly, being the first Certified Green Restaurant in Wisconsin. All of the dishes served here are made from scratch and created using the freshest seasonal, locally grown foods. Ingredients that come from organic or sustainable farming practices are used whenever possible and the restaurant uses a reverse osmosis water purification system. Café Manna also provides a number of vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and raw options, ensuring that everyone will find something delicious here, no matter their dietary restrictions.

Café Manna, 3815 N. Brookfield Road, Brookfield, WI, USA, +1 262 790 2340

The Green Owl Cafe (c) Molly Ⓥ/Flickrcommons
The Green Owl Cafe | © Molly Ⓥ/Flickrcommons

The Green Owl Café

The Green Owl Café is Madison’s only vegetarian restaurant and is a delight to both carnivores and herbivores alike. The Green Owl Café uses ingredients supplied by local vendors and takes pride in learning where the food comes from, how it is produced and what the best way to serve it is. In addition to delicious vegetarian dishes, many vegan and raw food options are also available here. The Green Owl Café hosts an annual Vegan Thanksgiving, which is a treat for vegetarians and vegans in the area, but book early as this is a very popular event.

The Green Owl Café, 1970 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI, USA, +1 608 285 5290

The Green Owl Vegan Nuevos Rancheros (c) Molly Ⓥ/Flickrcommons
The Green Owl Vegan Nuevos Rancheros | © Molly Ⓥ/Flickrcommons
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Culture Café

The Culture Café is a place to find delicious vegetarian food in Manitowoc. The food is organic whenever possible and fresh, locally produced ingredients are used to create healthy dining options. The gourmet coffee beans are Fair-Trade, organic, bird friendly and roasted on site. Here, the coffee menu is extensive and breakfast is served all day. Culture Café is a great place to meet with friends for a nice meal and coffee, while enjoying the freedom of expression and the café’s unique culture.

Culture Café, 3949 Calumet Avenue Manitowoc, WI, USA, +1 920 682 6844

Fennel Citrus Salad (c) Howard Walfish/Flickrcommons
Fennel Citrus Salad | © Howard Walfish/Flickrcommons
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The Raw Deal

The Raw Deal serves innovative and impressive organic, vegan and raw dishes. Those unfamiliar with a raw diet will be impressed by the meals that this eco-conscious business is able to create using raw ingredients alone. The Raw Deal uses the highest quality fresh, organic ingredients and uses locally supplied food whenever possible. In addition to brewing their own coffee and tea, this vegan restaurant also brews its own craft beer. The restaurant’s cool, artistic ambience perfectly complements the delicious and nutritious food.

The Raw Deal, 603 South Broadway, Menomonie, WI, USA, +1 715 231 3255

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Bombay Sweets

Bombay Sweets serves some of the best North and South Indian cuisine in the Milwaukee area and is strictly vegetarian. The restaurant is simplistic and serves the food on plastic plates and cutlery, with no table service. This helps to keep the prices very low so that visitors can enjoy as many different, freshly prepared dishes as possible. Bombay Sweets uses flavorful and exotic spices directly imported from India in order to create the most authentic and traditional dishes.

Bombay Sweets, 3401 South 13th Street, Milwaukee, WI, USA, +1 414 383 3553

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The Cheeze Factory Restaurant

The Cheeze Factory Restaurant offers a 100% vegan and non-GMO menu. There are also many freshly prepared, gluten free dishes available as well. The menu is extensive and the in-house bakery provides a large range of dessert items. Visitors will be impressed at the large variety of vegan dishes that The Cheeze Factory Restaurant offers, including many brunch options and vegan versions of traditional favorites. The atmosphere is warm and nostalgic, making it a great place to stop with the family after a fun day in The Dells.

The Cheeze Factory Restaurant, 521 Wisconsin Dells Parkway S, Wisconsin Dells, WI, USA, +1 608 253 6065

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Circa Celeste Café

Circa Celeste is a locally owned café dedicated to supporting local farmers and businesses. All of the dishes are prepared fresh daily, from scratch, without using any box mixes or artificial flavors. The café offers several gluten-free and vegan options and serves organic, fair trade teas and coffees. Locally grown wheatgrass is also a surprising treat available here. Breakfast is served all day, but the made from scratch soups are the true delight. Circa Celeste Café also offers a juice bar where visitors can have fresh fruits, vegetables and herb blends juiced on the spot.

Circa Celeste, 619 Wisconsin Avenue, Racine, WI, USA, +1 262 632 1234

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The Root Note

The Root Note is an organic café that serves handcrafted coffees, as well as enticing crepes, soups and salads. The entire menu is vegetarian and there are several vegan and gluten-free options available. The Root Note uses ingredients that are locally and regionally produced and also proudly supports local music and art. The relaxed coffeehouse atmosphere makes it a great place to meet with friends for an environmentally friendly meal or to study while sipping on fair trade coffee.

The Root Note, 115 4th Street South, La Crosse, WI, USA, +1 608 782 7668

Riverwest Co-op Cafe (c) Light Brigading/Flickrcommons
Riverwest Co-op Cafe | © Light Brigading/Flickrcommons

Riverwest Co-op Café

Riverwest Co-op Café is located directly next to the Riverwest Co-op store and serves some of the best vegan and vegetarian food in town. The made-to-order sandwiches, smoothies, soups and desserts are made from organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible. A full breakfast is served daily, featuring an array of fresh made bakery items and brunch is served on the weekend. The environmentally friendly menu offers a large selection that is sure to please any appetite at a reasonable price.

Riverwest Co-op Café, 733 East Clarke Street, Milwaukee, WI, USA, +1 414 264 7933

Bi Bim Bop Riverwest Co-op Cafe (c) Molly Ⓥ/Flickrcommons
Bi Bim Bop Riverwest Co-op Cafe | © Molly Ⓥ/Flickrcommons
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The Vegetarian

The Vegetarian is a delicious, entirely vegetarian Indian restaurant located near the Wisconsin and Minnesota border. Many vegan options are also available and clearly marked on the menu. The restaurant is family owned and serves traditional dishes from both south and north India. The food is prepared using fresh ingredients, herbs and spices, not curry powder. In addition, all of the dishes at The Vegetarian are made to order and prepared to accommodate any preference in spiciness. Artwork from local artists is displayed on the walls and available for purchase.

The Vegetarian, 109 South Washington Street, St. Croix Falls, WI, USA, +1 715 483 2800