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The Coolest Theatres In Seattle
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The Coolest Theatres In Seattle

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Updated: 20 October 2016
Seattle’s theatre and performing arts scene may seem sleepy, but when you get inside the auditoriums, you realize there is good stuff even in the most mundane looking theatres. We’ve found some of our favorite venues for concerts, plays, and musicals, so read ahead to find the best theatres in Seattle.
Line up at the Neptune
Line up at the Neptune | © KEXP/Flickr

Neptune Theatre

A historic 1920s theatre, the Neptune has metamorphosed from a single screen cinema to a lively multi-medium live art venue. From screenings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show to live band performances from bands like Of Monsters and Men, the Neptune is a dynamic theater to catch anything from theater to music. The interior is decorated with stained glass windows of stories from Greek Mythology and the lights are clam shells to fit the motif of its namesake.

Neptune Theatre, 1303 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA USA +1 206-682-1414

5th Avenue Theatre
5th Avenue Theatre | © Rob Ketcherside/Flickr

5th Avenue Theatre

Located in downtown Seattle, the 5th Avenue Theatre was once a 1920s vaudeville theater. Its exquisite interior decoration was inspired by Imperial China’s architectural wonders: the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace. The auditorium’s center dome replicates the design of the dome of the palace throne room in the Forbidden City, though it is twice as large, and it is probably one of the most striking features about the theater. They host a number of plays and musicals every year, from The Sound of Music to Sleeping Beauty Wakes.

5th Avenue Theatre, Rainier Square, 1308 5th Ave, Seattle, WA USA +1 206-625-1900

The Moore Theatre
The Moore Theatre | © Al Pavangkanan/Flickr

The Moore Theatre

A historic 1907 theater, The Moore Theatre is a prominent feature in Seattle’s history. The Moore Theatre was built to appeal to patrons visiting the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, with a posh interior of onyx, marble, stained glass, muses, and mosaic floors alongside ivory, old rose, olive and gold décor. It is the oldest operating theater in Seattle, and it’s still kicking. You’ll find all sorts of things going on throughout the week at the Moore Theatre, from concerts to public speakers to Slash to the Mark Morris Dance Group.

The Moore Theatre, 1932 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA USA +1 206-467-5510

The Egyptian Theatre

A former Masonic Temple built in 1915, the Egyptian Theater today flourishes as the heart of the Seattle International Film Festival. The cinema features international, independent films, and documentaries, as well as restored classics. Located in Capitol Hill, the Egyptian may seem like a rather plain brick building on the outside, but its auditorium is decorated with lavish Ancient Egyptian inspired motifs.

The Egyptian Theatre, 805 East Pine Street, Seattle, WA USA +1 206-324-9996

Seattle Public Theater

A tiny theater on the shores of Green Lake that was once a bathhouse, Seattle Public Theater attracts small play productions. Past productions include the play Bad Jews, about Jewish identity in the United States and family, and the play Amadeus, a modern interpretation of Mozart’s life. The playhouse makes it a priority to hire regional artists.

Seattle Public Theater, 7312 West Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA USA +1 206-524-1300