This Washington, DC Bar is Turning into Hogwarts for the Month

Adams Morgan, DC | © Pixabay
Adams Morgan, DC | © Pixabay
I solemnly swear this bar is up to no good…

Every year for the past ten years, the Town Tavern‘s owner Gracie Anderson and her tavern team (all avid fans of the boy wizard) have hosted a weekend event that’s Harry Potter-themed. This year, however, to avoid the tiresome put up and take down of time-consuming decor and the woe of the bar’s regulars when it comes to last call on Sunday, they have made the themed Potter party last an entire month, from now until the Great Hall’s Costume Party on October 31st.

What will you find in this little haven of witchcraft and wizardry nestled in the Adam’s Morgan neighborhood? Anderson and the Town Tavern employees have labored until the witching hour every night to create an experience no muggle will soon forget.

No matter what house you belong to, you are sure to appreciate the Forbidden Forest, The Great Hall, Three Broomsticks Bar, and a Hogwarts Express which ingeniously circles the DJ booth. On Friday and Saturday nights, you are in for a special treat with a pop-up Honeydukes stand giving out delectable treats.

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On Sunday and Monday football days, the bar will be offering Quidditch sets to the athletic types who wish to show off their skills. Quidditch pong will also be available if you want to beat your opponent the 21 and over way, and Harry Potter trivia night will be hosted every Tuesday night at 8pm.

Unfortunately, tickets for special events and special deals have already sold out, but don’t worry. You can still get a taste of the wizarding world by coming in anytime and ordering a glass of the famous butterbeer. That’s not the only Potter-themed elixir on offer: take your pick of Polyjuice Potion, Muggle Mules, Felix Felicis, Otter’s Fuzzy OJ and some wickedly good Unicorn Blood. Be warned: your broomstick will be taken from you if you try to drink and fly.