The Spookiest Ghost Tours in Washington, D.C.

A cemetery in Washington, D.C. | © Mr. Gray / Flickr
A cemetery in Washington, D.C. | © Mr. Gray / Flickr
It’s that time of year in D.C. when those in the White House do a double take down the hallway to make sure they actually saw the ghost of Abraham Lincoln or Andrew Jackson. People will be keeping their eyes open at the U.S. Capitol Building for that demonic black cat that is said to be an omen of national calamity. There is much history to see in the capital of America, and with it comes spooky stories and haunted places. Go on these ghost tours in D.C. to decide if the ghoulish rumors are true.

National Building Museum Ghost Tour

National Building Museum
National Building Museum | © Sam-H-A / Flickr
This behind-the-scenes tour talks about nightly apparitions and shapeshifters that continue to live in the building that was originally a restitution office for the widows and children of the Civil War. The tour guides are well versed in the history of the place while still making that history fun and frightful.
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Scary DC

The founder of this ghost tour company is a historian and American government professor, so the tours are historically accurate. Tales full of scandal and intriguing apparitions that feature renowned landmarks are what awaits you on these ghost tours. As a bonus, they also offer a Haunted Pub Crawl.

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Spend a night at the Omni Shoreham Hotel

Omni Shoreham Hotel
Omni Shoreham Hotel | © Jürgen Matern / WikiCommons
It won’t be as scary as the movie 1408(hopefully), but there is a room at this hotel that is supposedly haunted, and you can stay in there if you like. An executive housekeeper and her daughter died in Room 864 in 1930, and it is now named the Ghost Suite. Even if you happen to debunk the ghostly rumors, it is still a lovely place to stay, with 11 acres of landscaped grounds and 1930s-era décor.
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Ghosts of Lafayette Park

Although this is a kid-friendly tour, it’ll be sure to give everyone of all ages the creeps. Take a stroll down the lovely “Tragedy Square” as you hear from DC Ghost Tours about duels, assassinations, crimes of passion, and conspiracy stories that have taken place at this historical enclave in D.C.
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Capitol Hill Haunts

Brought to you by the same folks at DC Ghost Tours, Capitol Hill Haunts gets into some weird and eerie subjects such as the Statuary’s dancing statues, the ghosts of former legislators, and a devil cat. Both tours are running nightly and are open to all ages.

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Haunted Georgetown

This tour, led by DC by Foot, covers the darker side of Georgetown’s history, the hidden symbols that blanket the neighborhood, and the spirits that still reside there. You’ll hear woeful tales of long ago tragedy and romance, and visit the churches, cemeteries, and houses that are still haunted by the past.

DC by Foot, 1056 30th St NW, Washington, D.C., USA, +1 202 370 1830

Dark side of Dupont and Embassy Row Tours

DC by Foot also provides this tour and does a good job of both scaring and educating you. They cover all of their bases, from curses to murder mysteries, while you admire the old architecture and ambiance that Georgetown has to offer. Both tours from DC by Foot cater to adults and kids that are 14 and up.

DC by Foot, 1056 30th St NW, Washington, D.C., USA, +1 202 370 1830

Fiat Luxe Tours

This ghost tour offers an unearthly look at Georgetown by a private expedition that you can schedule at your own convenience. In the Haunted and Historic Georgetown tour, you’ll explore the creepy parts of the old neighborhood’s past, including the eerie oak tree, steps from The Exorcist, and the Old Stone House. If you tough it out through all of those scares, you’re rewarded with a souvenir at the end of the tour.