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The 10 Best Restaurants On Capitol Hill, Washington DC
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The 10 Best Restaurants On Capitol Hill, Washington DC

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Updated: 9 February 2017
It’s been hard to keep up with all the changes in DC’s Capitol Hill neighborhood over the past few years. Included in those changes is an ever-evolving restaurant scene, bringing with it a wealth of new and dynamic dining options. Let’s take a look at some of the best.
Lychee salad, coconut cream, pork sausage | ©T.Tseng/Flickr
Lychee salad, coconut cream, pork sausage | ©T.Tseng/Flickr

Rose's Luxury

Restaurant, American, $$$
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Grilled quail plated with fall greens and a cider glaze | © T. Tseng/ Flickr

Rose’s Luxury

Rose’s Luxury has been causing quite the stir on 8th Street – the no-reservation policy results in waits of more than an hour to be seated. Good things come to those who wait though, and at Rose’s they are in the form of delicious and creatively-prepared dishes, such as spaghetti with spicy strawberry sauce and the infamous pork sausage with habanero and lychee salad. Don’t forget to order a drink or two: the bartenders at Rose’s whip up one seriously mean cocktail.

Address & telephone number: 717 8th St SE, Washington, DC, USA, +1 202 580 8889

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Hank’s classic Lobster Roll with Old Bay French Fries | Photo by Daniel Swartz
Hank’s classic Lobster Roll with Old Bay French Fries | Photo by Daniel Swartz
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Hank’s Oyster Bar

Hank’s Oyster Bar is headed by Jamie Leeds, one of Washington’s most distinguished chefs. The restaurant specializes in coastal fare and New England beach favorites, like lobster rolls, daily fish specials and lightly fried popcorn shrimp and calamari. The ice bar, consisting of raw oysters, tartar and ceviche, is the highlight. Stop by during Happy Hour for drink specials and $1.25 oysters at the bar!

Address & telephone number: 633 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC, USA, +1 202 733 1971

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This trendy restaurant features serves brick-oven pizza. With an eye towards sustainability and green initiatives, reused materials and the restoration of the building’s original architecture are hallmarks of matchbox’s design. Stop by for a beer and some truly fantastic pizza pies.

Address & telephone number: 521 8th St SE, Washington, DC, USA, +1 202 548 0369

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Medium Rare

As Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Such is the mantra at Medium Rare, where dinner is simple, yet extremely effective. The set menu includes rustic bread and a mixed green salad to start, followed by a serving of culotte steak and fries with a tasty secret sauce. Once customers finish savoring the main dish, servers surprise with a second portion of the steak and fries straight from the skillet!

Address & telephone number: 515 8th St SE, Washington, DC, USA, +1 202 601 7136

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Ambar‘s Balkan-style cuisine is influenced by the culinary traditions of such countries as Greece, Turkey, Austria and Hungary, making it unique to the Capitol Hill restaurant scene. Small plates are the thing here, so ordering a variety to share with the table is the way to go. The Balkan kebab satisfies the meat lover’s cravings as it features pork and beef, as well as roasted pepper and aged cheese. There are a number of vegetarian options, too; try the roasted mushroom crepes or leek croquettes.

Address & telephone number: 523 8th Street SE, Washington, DC, USA, +1 202 813 3039

Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown | courtesy of Good Stuff Eatery
Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown | Courtesy of Good Stuff Eatery
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Good Stuff Eatery

Those craving the good old-fashioned American combo of a burger and fries should look no further than Good Stuff Eatery. Opt for a classic hamburger or cheeseburger, or get creative with chef Spike Mendelsohn’s Prez Obama Burger, featuring bacon, onion marmalade, roquefort cheese and horseradish mayo sauce.

Address & telephone number: 303 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC, USA, +1 202 543 8222

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Acqua Al 2

The Acqua Al 2 is a popular Italian restaurant. The mainstays are the house-made pastas and the steaks, one of which is topped with a special blueberry sauce.

Address & telephone number: 212 7th St SE, Washington, DC, USA, +1 202 525 4375

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Bistro Cacao

Set in a classic Capitol Hill rowhouse, Bistro Cacao offers diners bistro-style French cuisine that melds old with new. The restaurant’s cozy setting is romantic, thanks to its antique decor, red-curtained booths and the rose petals that adorn the tables. On the menu, you’ll find French classics served with modern flair, including everything from seared duck breast to filet mignon.

Address & telephone number: 320 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC, USA, +1 202 546 4737

New Year's brunch at Ted's Bulletin | ©Lukas Eklund/Flickr
New Year’s brunch at Ted’s Bulletin | © Lukas Eklund/Flickr
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Ted’s Bulletin

Be prepared to be transported back in time at Ted’s Bulletin, a restaurant designed in the mold of an old school diner. At Ted’s, breakfast is served all day, so patrons can enjoy favorites like the breakfast burrito, corned beef hash, or a stack of pancakes. More traditional lunch and dinner options include meatloaf, country fried steak, and “the sloppiest joe”. Then, a home-made pop tart or shake is sure to satisfy the sweet spot for dessert.

Address & telephone number: 505 8th St SE, Washington, DC, USA, +1 202 544 8337

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Named after the hill that provides incredible views of Paris, Montmartre is a casual French restaurant located down the street from Eastern Market – DC’s foremost food and arts marketplace. The patio out front allows customers to enjoy the neighborhood’s charming atmosphere; inside, the setting is light and airy. An excellent option for brunch on the Hill, Montmartre serves a bountiful eggs Benedict with salmon. To drink, there are peach and mango mimosas.

Address & telephone number: 327 7th St SE, Washington, DC, USA, +1 202 544 1244