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Bed & Breakfast | ©Dana Moos/Flickr
Bed & Breakfast | ©Dana Moos/Flickr

The Best Hotels To Book In Barre, Vermont

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Updated: 9 February 2017
A small, quaint town, Barre is a great destination for a tranquil, weekend getaway. You won’t find any hotel chains here. Read our list to discover the best hotels and inns in the area.


Vermont Firehouse | ©Don Shall/Flickr

Vermont Firehouse | ©Don Shall/Flickr

Firehouse Inn

Built in 1904, this local firehouse was a fully functional station up until 2007. As the needs of the city grew, the firehouse was retired and converted into an inn and pub. The Firehouse Inn features four suites, half with one bedrooms and half with two bedrooms. All suites include a small kitchen, wifi, A/C and cable television. The inn décor is modern and homey with antique accents, which compliment the old architecture of the building. The suites are situated on the second floor, while the Ladder 1 Grill and Pub are located on the first floor. The bar and lounge serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails, so whenever you get hungry for a bite to eat, pop right downstairs and share a meal with a few of the locals.

Firehouse Inn, 8 South Main St. Barre, VT, USA, +1 802 476 2167


Bed & Breakfast | ©Dana Moos/FlickrBed & Breakfast | ©Dana Moos/Flickr

Maplecroft Bed & Breakfast

The Maplecroft Bed & Breakfast is a truly charming, luxurious Barre lodging. The stately, Victorian home was built in 1887 by Scotsman George Mackenzie. He had traveled with his family to Barre and was well established within the granite business community. Though he loved Barre, Maplecroft’s architecture is complete with a circular tower, reminiscent of castles in Scotland. Today’s features include two suites and three rooms, one of which is located within the tower. Though the manor is over a century old, it comes with all modern conveniences. The furniture and décor is elegant and inviting, providing an almost regal atmosphere. Rest up in one of the comfortable rooms before enjoying a fresh, homemade breakfast.

Maplecroft Bed & Breakfast, 70 Washington St. Barre, VT, USA, +1 802 477 5050


Motel Room | ©Magalie L’Abbé/Flickr

Motel Room | ©Magalie L’Abbé/Flickr

Pierre Motel

The Pierre Motel is the perfect place to stay if you’re just passing through town. The casual lodge has an available 20 rooms; each one is clean, comfortable, and relatively spacious. In addition to friendly service, Pierre is dedicated to providing their guests with the utmost convenience. The entire family is welcome at this Barre location; dogs are allowed and children under the age of 12 may stay for free. Rooms are equipped with small refrigerators, A/C, cable television and wifi. Furthermore, Pierre is located within miles of most of the city’s most popular attractions, including a golf course, maple house, granite quarry, opera house, and more.

Pierre Motel, 362 N. Main St. Barre, VT, USA, +1 802 476 3188


Quality Inn | ©boxer_bob/FlickrQuality Inn | ©boxer_bob/Flickr

Quality Inn

Though the Quality Inn may be a nationwide chain, the Barre location feels like a boutique hotel. Stay in one of the comfortable rooms or suites, which are complete with queen sized beds, desks, flat screen televisions, lounge chairs, microwaves, a mini fridge, and bright, lime green accent walls. There is a spacious dining room to enjoy a free continental breakfast, perfect for mingling with other guests.

Quality Inn, 173 S. Man St. Barre, VT, USA, +1 802 476 6678


Twin City Motel | ©Morgan W. Brown/Flickr

Twin City Motel | ©Morgan W. Brown/Flickr

Twin City Motel

Family-owned for nearly 45 years, the Twin City Motel offers visitors an affordable stay and warm hospitality. Twin City is made up of rooms and cottages. The hotel owners are very accommodating and provide complimentary coffee and tea in the mornings. There are benches in front of each individual room, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, but maintain their privacy. The cottages even include private porches. Be sure to note that the rooms are exclusively non-smoking, although there are reserved smoking areas outside. Since Vermont shares a border with Canada, the staff is conveniently fluent in both English and French!

Twin City Motel, 1537 US-302 Barre, VT, USA, +1 802 476 3104