Top 10 Restaurants In American Fork, Utah

Top 10 Restaurants In American Fork, Utah
A small town like American Fork can be easily overlooked but a quick survey of the local restaurant scene reveals some gems – from homestyle classics to the truly unique. We explore 10 of the best restaurants in this little Utah town, nestled at the base of the majestic Wasatch Mountains.
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Rib City Grill

Restaurant, BBQ, $$$
With a name like Rib City, you can guess what this restaurant specializes in. This popular spot has been serving homestyle favorites for nearly 15 years. Their ribs are smoked for hours over hardwoods, then served with flavorful house-made sauces. Rib City also goes beyond ribs, offering smoked turkey, pulled pork, and thinly sliced, smoked beef. On the side, customers can get classics like coleslaw, bbq beans, and sweet potato fries. Rib City is the place for comfort food at its best and with ample portions, no one will leave hungry.
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Chiba Sushi

Restaurant, Japanese
Rounding out what may be the most unique eatery on our list, Chiba Sushi is quickly becoming a local favorite in American Fork. The restaurant has caught on to a unique new food combination that is popping up all over the country. The sushi burrito, or ‘sushirrito’ as some call it, is essentially a sushi roll the size of a burrito, that is cut once in half and eaten with your hands. The giant rolls are filled with traditional sushi ingredients like rice, raw fish and vegetables, but it has taken on a decidedly American face. Chiba Sushi customers love the opportunity for a new and different food option and the restaurant is enjoying the buzz around this new food trend.
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Ganesh Indian Cuisine

Ganesh Indian Cuisine serves authentic Indian dishes which are prepared fresh daily, and presented on a buffet for customers to sample many different options. House favorites include the buttered chicken, samosas with mint sauce, and the chicken coconut korma.

Ganesh Indian Cuisine, 784 E State St, American Fork, UT, USA

Wild Zucchini Grill

Wild Zucchini Grill focuses on fresh ingredients and customization, while operating on an assembly line that is somewhat reminiscent of cafeterias. Wild Zucchini customers first choose a base: piadina, pasta, salad, or pizza. Then they are given six options of meats from the grill, and six choices of sauces. Lastly, eager patrons select their favorite extras: veggies, cheeses, and specialty meats to truly make their creation their own. Locals love the ability to get food that is quick, healthy, and totally personalized.

Wild Zucchini Grill, 496 N 991 W, American Fork, UT, USA, +1 801-756-5340

Rocky Mountain Wingshack

Rocky Mountain Wingshack‘s menu revolves entirely around buffalo wings. They proudly sport 14 different sauces of varying flavors and intensity, offering something for every level of bravery. For customers wanting something a little different, Rocky Mountain Wingshack also offers buffalo wraps, salads and sandwiches.

Rocky Mountain Wingshack, 456 E State St #200, American Fork, UT, USA, +1 801-756-2667

El Mexiquense

Restaurant, Mexican
El Mexiquense serves classic, authentic Mexican fare with favorites like chimichangas, tacos pastor, and molcajetes. El Mexiquense also serves delicious elotes: a popular Mexican street food of corn on the cob, spread with mayonnaise, herbs, and cotija cheese and served hot. Guests especially like the salsa bar – a buffet of homemade condiments where diners can try multiple different flavors and levels of spicy heat.
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Sushi House

Restaurant, Sushi, $$$
Avenue Bakery's Bacon Maple Bar
Avenue Bakery's Bacon Maple Bar | © Mike McCune/WikiCommons
Though it’s far from the salty ocean shore, Sushi House offers on-point sushi in the heart of Utah County. The restaurant is housed in a slightly odd building that somewhat resembles an old diner. Once inside, the decor is friendly and inviting. This is an all-you-can-eat restaurant, where customers pay a flat rate up front, and are served plate after plate of food, until they’ve had their fill. Classic sushi rolls are offered, along with nigiri, sashimi, and other popular Japanese side dishes. Guests keep going back to Sushi House for its generous pricing, and its warm and prompt service.
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Avenue Bakery

Avenue Bakery brings a bit of French charm to American Fork. The restaurant specializes in treats such as pastries, donuts and crepes, but serves panini sandwiches as well for a savory kick. Customers love the fresh-made donuts, with many claiming that they are the best in the valley. Some of the flavors in highest demand are the mango tango, oreo, and the maple bar with bacon. Avenue Bakery offers exceptionally affordable lunch specials, with sandwiches like Tuscan chicken with sun dried tomatoes and pesto and the turkey pepper jack with spicy cheese and roasted red peppers.

LOL Island Stylin’

LOL Island Styin’ brings a vibrant taste of the islands to the American West. Owned by a husband and wife team that are natives of Hawaii, the couple moved to Utah County and opened their restaurant four years ago. The restaurant serves authentic Hawaiian dishes, like chop suey, lu sipi, and a decadent guava cake for dessert. To be fair, LOL Island Stylin is more than just a restaurant. The business includes a small market of imported goods to make any customer feel a little closer to paradise. Guests can purchase various canned meats, including Spam, jewelry, clothing, and souvenirs.