Finding Secret Beach In Austin, Texas

© MarkScottAustinTX/Flickr
© MarkScottAustinTX/Flickr
Photo of Mira Milla
9 February 2017

Secret Beach in Austin is the perfect place for when you want to take out the kids during the day or grab a group of friends for a campfire at night. We’re glad the location of this eponymous beach wasn’t kept a secret for too long. Here’s how to find this local must-visit.

Everyone always recommends Barton Springs Pool, Hamilton Pool or the Green Belt when it comes to swimming and cooling off. Secret Beach is one of those ‘Austin secrets’ that not many tourists know about. While the beach’s water doesn’t go as deep as the swimming holes listed above, it does have a secluded feel to it, making it feel like you found a spot to call your own. Even when there are a lot of people, you will feel like you’ve just stumbled upon an exclusive get-together.

© philpool/Flickr

Secret Beach is a fair-sized stretch of land located along the Colorado River, inside the Roy G. Guerrero Park in South East Austin. The beach itself is a treat, but finding it is part of the excitement. The 10-15 minute walk to the beach will leave you feeling like you’re looking for treasure.

Many come here to relax, while others bring the entire family (dogs included) to splash around. Whether you’re planning to toss a frisbee around, eat a picnic with a friend, or just wanting to lay out with a book in hand, Secret Beach is a great attraction in Austin for people of all ages.

Note: Swimming is illegal here as of 2013. But who says you can’t put your feet in for a feel? Also, it’s a great place for friends to gather (S’mores is a great idea, too) and just enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.

Find the Montopolis Youth Sports Complex parking lot.

You will see a walking trail across the road from the parking lot. Follow that trail to the right for about 10 minutes until you see a sign listing park rules. The sign will be attached to a pole with doggie bags attached to it. Turn right here.

You will go downhill and eventually see a beach. The downhill is a little steep, so be careful.