Unusual Donuts In Austin, Texas, USA

Doughnuts from above | Alexandra Dye
Doughnuts from above | Alexandra Dye
Photo of Anna Carruth
24 October 2016

Austin, Texas is known for being weird, quirky, and downright unusual, and its donut scene is no exception. Whether you’re trying to satisfy a late-night craving or looking for a meal and a beer, Austin’s donut scene does not disappoint. We’ve narrowed down the best and most unusual donuts and donut shops in Austin.

Voodoo Doughnut

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O Captain, My Captain Donut Voodoo Donuts
O Captain, My Captain Donut Voodoo Donuts | ©Kevin Galens/Flickr
Voodoo Doughnut originated in Portland, Oregon and opened in Austin in October 2015, and everybody has been talking about it ever since. Located on 6th Street, Voodoo Donuts is a cash-only establishment that is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Voodoo offers a wide variety of unique donuts such as the Voodoo Doll, which is shaped like a real voodoo doll, filled with raspberry jelly, and topped with chocolate frosting and a pretzel ‘stake’. Another ‘weird’ donut is the O Captain My Captain Donut, which is covered in vanilla frosting and Captain Crunch. Voodoo Doughnuts is perfect for a fun breakfast or a late-night snack after a night out on 6th Street.

Round Rock Donut

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Texas Sized Donut
Texas Sized Donut | © Roy Niswanger / Flickr
Round Rock Donuts is an Austin establishment founded in 1926 in Round Rock, Texas, which offers a wide variety of donuts, cakes, and other baked goods. This huge Western-themed donut shop has become famous for its Texas Sized Donut, a massive glazed donut that’s six times the size of a typical donut. If you’re not up for that challenge, their average-sized Round Rock donuts are just as delicious.


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Gourdough's Flying Pig Donut
Gourdough's Flying Pig Donut | ©Sarah Page/Flicker
Is it a donut, or is it a burger? Surprise: it’s both! Gourdough’s Big Baller is an Angus burger with pimento cheese, cilantro, red onion, and sliced tomato, all sandwiched inside one of Gourdough’s delicious glazed donuts. As weird as it seems, the Big Baller is a crowd favorite and is often paired with one of Gourdough’s local beers. If you’re looking for a somewhat strange meal, choose the Big Baller or any one of Gourdough’s donut burgers.

Ken’s Donuts

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Ken’s Donuts, Austin
Ken’s Donuts, Austin | © Mark/Flickr
Ken’s Donuts is an old-school donut shop and bakery located on UT’s West Campus which offers a variety of classic American and Indian pastries. Its casual vibe, proximity to campus, and its hours (it’s always open!) makes Ken’s a favorite among students. Ken’s cake donut holes are simply delicious, and their odd yet comforting blend of American pastries and homey Indian food makes Ken’s a go-to place for students and Austin residents alike. It doesn’t hurt that Ken’s also offers delivery.

Mrs Johnson’s Bakery

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Mrs Johnson’s Bakery is another Austin staple which has served a classic menu of donuts and kolaches since 1948. People come from all over Austin to try this tiny bakeshop just off Airport Boulevard and pick up hot, fresh, homemade donuts and coffee. What makes Mrs Johnson’s an Austin standout (other than its excellent menu) is that it’s open overnight (the shop opens at 7:30 PM every day and closes at noon the next day). Mrs Johnson’s is the perfect place to grab a quick sweet snack at night or breakfast in the morning.

Little Lucy’s Mini Donuts

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Little Lucy’s is the cutest and probably best smelling food truck you’ll find in Austin. Hot pink with a namesake that will make you smile, Little Lucy’s offers a menu of exclusively mini doughnuts in either large or small bags. The donuts come covered in a fantastic cinnamon sugar, and their tiny size makes it difficult to eat just one. Little Lucy’s also offers a variety of specialty sugars, such as Dalmatian (chocolate and hazelnut) or Saint Bernard (maple bacon and rum). Located on Rainey Street, Little Lucy’s unique take on donuts will leave you feeling pleased and full.

KC Donuts

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Old-Fashioned Doughnuts
Old-Fashioned Doughnuts | ©Arnold Gatilao/WikiCommons
The locally owned KC Donuts is the place to go for a good donut in South Austin. Not only do they offer the best cake donuts in town, KC Donuts is also known for their breakfast tacos. They offer a variety of classic donut flavors such as glazed or old-fashioned as well as more elaborate flavors like chocolate coconut cake or bacon maple. What makes KC Donuts stand out from other donut stores? They’re just really, really, really good.

Angel Donuts & Treats

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Angel Donuts
Angel Donuts | ©StockSnap/Pixabay
Angel Donuts & Treats is a locally owned donut café offering fresh donuts, cake balls, and other baked goods. Angel Donuts provides a variety of unusual flavors, like their amazing salted caramel old fashioned donut or their fun ‘mini-cini’ rolls. Ever wanted to try a maple bacon donut but didn’t want to eat the whole thing? Angel’s offers maple bacon bites that are to die for. Since they also offer bubble teas and coffee, Angel Donuts & Treats is a great place to hang out and stay awhile while enjoying a fresh, flavorful donut. Check out their Instagram for more details.