Why Colorado is the Perfect Vacation Escape for Texans

Telluride Ski Resort offers some of the best skiing and winter sports in Colorado.
Telluride Ski Resort offers some of the best skiing and winter sports in Colorado. | © Ben Eng / Telluride Ski Resort
Colorado draws a lot of Texans each year within its rectangular borders, a fact that isn’t too hard to fathom when you get down to it. Whether you’re Texas explorers who like the outdoors or Texas city folk foodies who enjoy metropolitan areas, Colorado has something for every Texan who wants a vacation escape. Check out why Colorado should be high on Texans’ travel lists.

Direct flights are easy as pie and affordable.

With air travel prices rising each year, travelers are looking for affordable and convenient ways to vacation. Flights between Texas and Colorado provide this option. There are seven direct, non-stop flights from Texas to Denver, Montrose, Colorado Springs, Aspen, Durango, Vail, and Grand Junction, with Dallas having the most direct flights out of all the Texas cities. All direct flights are less than two hours and 30 minutes from Texas and generally cost anywhere between $50 and $400 for roundtrip flights. Yes, $50—how amazing is that?

Colorado offers the best place to enjoy winter sports

If you didn’t know, Texas doesn’t have many mountains that offer amicable winter weather conditions for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Colorado, on the other hand, does. Places like Telluride Ski Resort attract thousands of Texas residents every year for ski vacations with topnotch mountains for skiing, snowboarding, fat-tire biking adventures, ice skating, and winter weather activities like hot chocolate and a lovely gondola ride.

Telluride Ski Resort offers some of the best skiing and winter sports in Colorado. © Ben Eng / Telluride Ski Resort

…and a place to escape Texas summers!

While Colorado is renowned for favorable ski conditions, it’s the perfect place for Texans to escape to when summers move past the 100° F mark. Temperatures in Colorado differ in that the high averages about 88° F in July but generally maintains a lovely 75° F mark throughout the state. For those Texas explorers who like being outside in the warmer months, Colorado is the way to go. They have mountains for hiking, climbing, or mountain biking and thrilling white water rafting adventures. Sometimes it’s as simple as being able to walk between museums or enjoying a beer at one of Denver’s microbreweries in the River North neighborhood without dying of a Texas heat stroke.

Colorado in the summer offers outdoor adventure and stunning views. © Zach Dischner / Flickr

The Holy Trinity: beer, sports, and a laid-back attitude

Texas is known for a few things: sports, drinking beer while watching sports, and relaxing in a laid-back atmosphere. Surprisingly, or not, Denver, Colorado, offers a similar atmosphere. There are five professional sports teams in Denver: the Denver Broncos (football), Denver Nuggets (basketball), Colorado Rockies (baseball), Colorado Rapids (soccer), and Colorado Avalanche (hockey)—a lineup that offers year-round sports for Texas sports fanatics.

Colorado also has 348 craft breweries, making it second in the nation for the most breweries, with 148 breweries in Denver alone. That’s a Texas-size selection of beer that Texans can enjoy in Colorado. Like Texas, Denver has a relaxed vibe, meaning you don’t have to dress up to go out; practicality is your friend in both Denver, Colorado, and Texas.

Have a beer at Coors Field as you watch a Rockies game. © Visit Denver

Good cooking with a Texas-sized approval

Texas is proud of its food, and when it comes to vacation planning, it’s understandable if the locals want to go somewhere where the food is tasty and well portioned. Colorado, my Texas friends, is that place. The Mediterranean restaurant Rioja in Denver received the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef in 2013 and Telluride’s Alpino Vino offers fine Italian dining approximately 12,000 feet in the air, making it the highest restaurant in North America. Bruce’s Bar in Severance is reportedly home to the best Rocky Mountain oysters—that’s bull testicles—while Snooze has multiple locations in Colorado and an amazing breakfast selection that Texans are sure to love. Did we mention that Colorado was the focus of Top Chef’s Season 15? Trust Top Chef—the food in Colorado is Texas good.

Rioja is an award-winning Mediterranean restaurant in Denver. © Marc Piscotty / Visit Denver