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What to Eat at Fareground, Austin's First Food Hall

Picture of Jessica Devenyns
Updated: 30 April 2018
Fareground is Austin’s very first food hall. So aside from the fact that we’re a little slow to get in the game, it must be said that those who are taking part in this food hall venture are some of the best of the best in the city. The bright space challenges Austinites’ notions of what a food court is with its first six vendors serving up ramen, gourmet grilled cheese, artisan bread and locally sourced tacos. What could be more inviting?

Dai Due Taqueria

Dai Due is already known for working with hyper-local, seasonal ingredients, but at Fareground things get elevated to the next level. Chef Jesse Griffiths is a hunter, fisherman and conservationist who is committed to serving food that helps the local environment. A prime example would be his insistence on serving wild boar to help keep the population in check. At Fareground he also highlights heritage corn varieties that he turns into masa for his oh-so-popular tacos.


This eatery is a fusion of the Daruma and Kome concepts that are known for affordable and accessible sushi and ramen. At Fareground, the creativity abounds – if it’s crowded, expect to wait up to half an hour for your dish to be served. The end result, though, is worth it. Tendrils of vegetables are bathed in a rich umami base that is then accentuated with your choice of meat or the ever-popular soy- and mirin-flavored soft aji-tama egg. Or you could just get some nigiri-style sushi. Whatever floats your boat.

Easy Tiger

Part bakery, part German beergarten, the two sides of Easy Tiger collide at the downtown food hall. Whether you need a pastry to start your day, a loaf of bread for your impromptu picnic in the park or a flavorful ready-made sandwich, you can get it all at Easy Tiger. We recommend one of its salty pretzels that’s accompanied by a homemade mustard to give the whole affair a delicious, poppy taste.

Antonelli’s Cheese

This little Hyde Park cheese shop is noteworthy for its carefully curated selection of cheese, one that any cheese-lover would not want to miss. So, to bring things a little closer to the central city, Antonelli’s has opened up a little shop in Fareground where it offers ready-to-go sandwiches that feature combinations intended to highlight its favorite cheeses.


Other than a restaurant at Fareground, henbit is actually an herb. While you may think this name is a bit strange, the food it’s serving up is anything but. In fact, it’s one of the best deals in town. Run by those behind the standout Emmer & Rye, Henbit is every bit as committed to craft-made, thoughtful flavor profiles in each and every healthful bowl on the menu.


If you know anything about Contigo, then you know that aside from its delicious ranch-style cooking, it has one of the best burgers in town. Wisely, it chose to replicate the burger at Fareground. However, if you’re not in the mood for a burger, you won’t be disappointed by its approachable, hearty and flavorful meals.

One big bowl of goodness, coming right up. ✨

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