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Texas football coach Tom Herman | © Eric Gay/AP/REX/Shutterstock
Texas football coach Tom Herman | © Eric Gay/AP/REX/Shutterstock
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University of Texas Football Coach Makes Pee Chart For Players

Picture of Michael LoRé
Sports Editor
Updated: 12 April 2017

Athletes are tested for an endless list of variables that affect performance: vertical leap, speed, banned substances, weight … the list goes on and on. University of Texas football coach Tom Herman tests his players hydration levels. In fact, the first-year Longhorns coach even made an easy-to-read pee chart for his players.

The Longhorn Football Hydration Chart, posted inside the locker room bathroom, is broken down into eight shades of urine and accompanying meaning. The top-3 shades are deemed “CHAMPIONSHIP HYDRATION LEVELS”, while the darkest shade of urine has “YOU ARE A BAD GUY!!!” written next to it. Feel the shame.

According to Anwar Richardson, who covers UT football for and, Herman calls out players who are dehydrated in front of their teammates. The hydration testing began Tuesday.

An emphasis on hydration isn’t new for Herman. While at the University of Houston, he made his players carry around a gallon of water at all times, according to ESPN. If a player didn’t have his bottle on him, he was punished with up-downs.

The recommended consumption of water is eight cups per day, but experts differ on it. There is also such a thing as consuming too much water – where you begin to skip meals because you’re so full, and you’re preventing your body from vital nutrients. If you are concerned about your hydration levels, Culture Trip created a handy reference chart — months before Herman did!

Water intake chart