Must-Visit Museums In Houston, Texas

Must-Visit Museums In Houston, Texas
The sweltering Houston heat is the perfect excuse for indoor culture, and the Houston Museum District is the best place to check out the city’s latest exhibitions and collections. Houston is not only one of the largest and most diverse cities in Texas, its creative atmosphere will inspire you.

Reigning in Houston for more than 40 years, the Contemporary Arts Museum is one of the city’s foremost exhibition spaces. The building itself is a prime example of contemporary architecture, and its location offers pleasant views.

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The beating heart of the District, The Museum of Fine Arts offers exhibition space, a connecting sculpture garden, a library, café, movie theater, and two art schools.

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The Houston Center for Photography showcases photographs from the 20th and 21st centuries, from well-established names to emerging talents. If you are in school or would like to get more experience with creative classes and events, whether you want to learn how to capture photography on the street, lighting workshops, or you just want to gain knowledge outside of the classroom, sign up as a volunteer or apply for their internship. Snap, flash, and inspire what inspires you.

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Voted the number one children’s museum by Parents Magazine, the Children’s Museum of Houston is a family favorite. With Houston’s huge gasoline, oil, and energy industries, there is also an interactive area for kids to learn with Exxon Mobile the power of imagination and teamwork to create and operate robotics and animation. Other interactive exhibits include traveling the world, building and construction, water works, and learning about nature’s ecosystem. What a valuable way to see your child’s mind, creativity, and imagination grow through every exhibit and stage of this amazing museum.

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Not finding inspiration in your backyard? Hungry for more knowledge outside the classroom? Instead of getting dirty and digging up holes in your yard, head on over to the Museum of Natural Science and see what has been discovered right under your feet. If you choose to check out the Paleontology Hall, just try not to get caught in Mister Rex’s hungry path.

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