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© Kari Sullivan/Flickr
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Top 10 Things To Do In Austin's Hyde Park

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Updated: 9 February 2017
A picturesque and inclusive community, Hyde Park in Austin, Texas attracts graduate students, adventure seekers, working professionals, and the like. Its quaint, tree-lined streets and prime location have become a one-of-a-kind local hub for new eateries and activities in recent years. So whether you’re in the mood for a delicious treat, an elegant glass of wine, or a tour of the city, the best of Hyde Park surely won’t disappoint.
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Courtesy of Texas Bike Tours
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Texas Bike Tours

Arguably one of the best ways to discover the city, Texas Bike Tours guides cyclists around city streets, showcasing its landmarks and shedding light on the history of Austin. The experts show you the best ways to get around town and see the beautiful sites and local culinary talent without the bustle of traffic. This unique experience can also be tailored to suit your specific desires to really immerse yourself into the culture. Plus, it’s fun exercise and another excuse to enjoy a tasty treat afterwards. After all, you earned it.

Texas Bike Tours 4103 Avenue G, Austin, TX, USA, +1 512 371 3762

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Vino Vino

This is the perfect retreat for wine lovers. Vino Vino’s vast selection boasts top quality wines from Europe, South America, and more. Their cozy décor and reasonable prices are a perfect match that keeps customers coming back. What’s more, their award-winning menu and numerous accolades from local media outlets have caused its popularity to soar. This relaxing venue is perfect for unwinding with a group of friends and a glass of smooth cabernet or simply stopping in to try their delicious wild rice and roasted mushroom risotto. Don’t forget to take advantage of their happy hour from 3-7 Monday through Friday and 5:30-7 on Saturdays.

Vino Vino 4119 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX, USA, +1 512 465 9282

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Hyde Park Gym

New year, new you. That’s the motto, right? Hyde Park Gym is ideal for the no-nonsense athlete and fitness-minded people. They have reasonable fees, equipment to satisfy any fitness goal, and have plenty of really friendly, knowledgeable staff. They even specialize in training for Strongman competitions and have Olympic weightlifting equipment. It’s a low-key, friendly gym that lacks the intimidation factor that a lot of newcomers face. They also have personal trainers who can work with your schedule to help you reach your goals. Overall, it’s a great neighborhood gym that lacks all the frill and costs of high caliber spots.

Hyde Park Gym 4125 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX, USA, +1 512 524 0450

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Sweet Ritual

You can’t mention Hyde Park and not give credit to the quirky and wholesome places that make up its character. Sweet Ritual is no exception. From its colorful and charming interior to the vinyl art in the bathroom, this joint checks all the boxes for hip Austin eateries. Sharing a canopy with JuiceLand, their completely vegan menu offers 16 flavors of all natural creamy goodness made from coconut and nut bases rather than milk, so you don’t have to feel as guilty. Vegan or not, their products are delicious. To make the creation uniquely yours, choose from their assortment of toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate bits, cookies, and more. It really is the perfect combination of sinful and sweet. Stop in to taste for yourself and see what four surprise flavors they are also featuring that day, you won’t regret it.

Sweet Ritual 4500 Duval St. Austin, TX, USA, +1 512 666 8346.

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The Flightpath

As one of the oldest coffee houses in Austin, this spot has some serious charm. The Flightpath is best for college students and the artsy types who appreciate a quiet spot to study or to work on their craft (see next suggestion!). Unlike a lot of popular coffeehouses, there’s no fuss or loud music here. The staff is incredibly friendly and laid back and still pulls off the authentic Austin feel. So, pull up a chair, plug in your computer in one of their many outlets, and sip your coffee in peace. Or, head outside to their quaint patio and enjoy the warm weather. Be sure to try the dirty chai and the iced New Orleans. Just the right amount of sweetness and kick-possibly their best drinks!

The Flightpath 5011 Duval St. Austin, TX, USA, +1 512 458 4472

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Hyde Park Theatre

This hidden treasure gives an alternative take on theatre. This diverse place works to promote local talent such as actors, producers, writers, designers, and artists. Hyde Park Theatre offers a broad variety of performances to showcase talent with a low-key, community vibe. Bring a friend or two and enjoy a relaxed night on the town and uncover hidden talent with fellow neighbors.

Hyde Park Theatre 511 W. 43rd St. Austin, TX, USA, +1 512 479 7530

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Elisabet Ney Museum

Even though you probably haven’t heard of her, this late 19th-century sculptor’s museum is just the place for the art appreciator and definitely worth checking out. Not only does this former studio contain plenty of beautiful exhibits, it offers workshops, lectures, and educational programs throughout the year. The Elisabet Ney Museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and offers some insight into the history, art, and politics of Austin. The museum is also shaped as a miniature castle, so even the most inexperienced artist or bystander can find some appreciation for this local gem.

Elisabet Ney Museum 304 E. 44th St. Austin, TX, USA, +1 512 458 2255

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Hyde Park Yoga Company

Looking for a mellow morning workout? Rather than hitting the traditional gym, try out Hyde Park Yoga Company, or HPYC as it’s known to the locals. It’s a boutique yoga studio that offers a variety of classes ranging from Hatha Flow, which focuses on balance and breathing, to Vin Yin which is guaranteed to completely relax your mind and body. New to the yoga scene or just want to check it out? Have no fear, their Yoga 101 introductory class is perfect for beginners. For the seasoned professionals, they even offer training courses to become a certified yoga teacher.

Hyde Park Yoga Company 5013 Duval St. Austin, TX, USA, +1 512 694 4798

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Gallery Black Lagoon

This contemporary art and yoga studio is a great community venue to discuss philosophy, practice yoga, and stimulate the senses. Gallery Black Lagoon features artists’ eclectic collections and offers yoga classes to get the patrons really inspired. This location is ideal for mental and physical stimulation and meeting like-minded people in the community. This truly is a one-of-a-kind place.

Gallery Black Lagoon 4301 A. Guadalupe St. Austin, TX, USA, +1 512 534 6719

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The Flag Store of Hyde Park

Affectionately known as The Flag Store, this shop is the talk of the town. Even though it may just look like a fancy convenience store, locals flock to this place to find unusual products. Most of the beers are served by the bottle and there is a surprising maze of hallways of options to navigate. Want to try more than one? No problem, The Flag Store of Hyde Park is the self-proclaimed ‘Home of the Mix & Match 6-pack.’ To hold up to their name, they also sell a ton of individual flags from around the world. This store may have a lot of cigars, desserts, and snacks to choose from, but they also carry all of the modern conveniences. Talk about a one-stop-shop!

The Flag Store of Hyde Park 4429 Duval St. Austin, TX, USA, +1 512 524 4217