Top 10 Restaurants In Amarillo, Texas

Top 10 Restaurants In Amarillo, Texas
Amarillo is one of Texas’ largest cities, known for its open spaces, western heritage and fantastic sunsets, all of which can be appreciated for free. However, all that appreciating is bound to work up an appetite. Check out these great restaurants when you get hungry.
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Diners flock to Tyler’s for a choice of one, two, or three meat platters, featuring barbecued pork, beef, and ribs for visiting carnivores to feast on. For the slightly less hungry, there is a selection of sandwiches available, which come filled with all manner of smoked meats including sausages, chicken and pork chops.

Tyler’s, 2014 Paramount Boulevard, Amarillo, TX, USA, +1 806 331 2271


Cafe, Restaurant, American, Pub Grub, Tea
The GoldenLight café was first formed and founded in 1946 and has managed to remain close to its original routes. In fact, the GoldenLight lays claim to being the oldest restaurant in Amarillo. As well as serving classic American dishes, the GoldenLight café also plays host to a range of great local artists and musicians. This is a truly great place to sit back and enjoy good food, good music and, of course, good company.
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Jorge’s Tacos Garcia

Jorge’s Tacos Garcia sits in the middle of Amarillo’s art district and serves up the very best in partisan Tex-Mex dishes; so guests can expect hearty fusions of American and Mexican food to tuck into. These days, this Amarillo Tex-Mex joint serves up an array of burritos, filled with rice and beans; fajitas and tacos; larger plates such as huevos rancheros (Mexican-style eggs with beans), as well as all-American burgers, which are served with a Latin American twist.

Jorge’s Tacos Garcia, 1100 Ross Street, Amarillo, TX, USA, +1 806 371 0411

Ohm's Café

Bar, Bistro, Cafe, Restaurant, American, Pub Grub, $$$
Ohm’s Café is a self-styled, upmarket bistro in the middle of Amarillo. Ohm’s serves up delicious-if-simple food in this cosy corner of Amarillo. Main meals include Sichuan-style lamb chops with stir-fried winter vegetables, and also delicious oven-roasted pork tenderloin with carrot and potato hash and red wine demi-glace.
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The 806

Smooth and sophisticated The 806 is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a relaxing coffee, tea, or snack with friends by day; or something a little stronger by night. The coffees are the real star of the show, with an array of espressos, creations and long drinks to choose from. One drink, known as The Black Mamba, is a thick iced espresso brownie and is guaranteed to put a spring in your step at any time of day or night.

The 806, 2812 SW 6th, Amarillo, TX, USA, +1 806 322 1806

Macaroni Joe's

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
Famous for its wine and delicious Italian food, Macaroni Joe’s serves up great authentic dishes to its discerning clientele. The restaurant takes guests on a journey through its Tuscan roots, delighting them with tastes from this wonderful Italian region. Dishes include an array of steaks, seafood, and pasta options, all of which are reasonably priced and suit a variety of age groups.
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Big Texan

Big Texan: big by name and big by nature. As well as being a fantastic burger and ribs venue, this place is also home to the 72 ounce steak challenge, which pits one human against just less than 2 kilos of beef; no easy feat, that’s for sure. Competitors must consume the whole meal in one hour, without becoming sick, or pay the full price of $72.

Big Texan, 7701 Interstate E 40, Amarillo, TX, USA, +1 806 372 1000

Blue Sky

Bar, Restaurant, American, $$$
Blue Sky is one hell of a burger bar. With a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere, Blue Sky freshly prepares its burgers from non-frozen ground chuck steak, to create the highest possible quality patties. Sides include all manner of golden treats, including fried jalapeño rings, bacon-topped cheesy fries, and, of course, hand-battered onion rings. The restaurant is also famous for its specialty milkshakes and floats, topped with the very best in locally produced, organic ice cream.
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Doug's Hickory Pitt

Bar, Restaurant
As the name would suggest, Doug’s Hickory Pitt is a delicious den of barbecued food, expertly cooked in smokers for long periods of time. This results in exquisitely tender cuts of BBQ beef brisket, slow-cooked pulled pork, and smoked chicken portions. For the extra hungry, thick cut beef ribs are also available. Meat comes with a large selection of sauces and sides, including baked beans and coleslaw.
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