Top 10 Places For Pecan Pie In Texas

© val lawless / Shutterstock
© val lawless / Shutterstock
The pecan pie is the official pie of Texas, and it is one that is easy to get wrong. The fatal flaws are numerous; too sweet, too runny, not enough pecans, a soggy crust. These 1o Texas bakeries and restaurants have perfected their recipes to represent some of the best pecan pies around.

Salt Lick BBQ

Restaurant, $$$
Sausage, brisket, and ribs cooking in a pit at Salt Lick BBQ
Sausage, brisket, and ribs cooking in a pit at Salt Lick BBQ | © Vxla / Flickr
Salt Lick’s huge portions of pecan-filled slices are perfect paired with vanilla ice cream. The famous pie is hand-made with a light, flaky crust and a layer of crunchy pecans. The restaurant is away from the bustle of the city, just a short, scenic drive from Austin. What’s a better setting in which to enjoy your sweet pecan pie than sitting around a smoking barbecue pit?
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Tiny Pies

Bakery, Pastries, American, $$$
Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie | © cyclonebill/Flickr
Grab a mini pecan pie at Austin’s beloved bakery Tiny Pies. The classic pecan pie has a beautifully flaky and buttery crust, and the pie is packed with roasted pecans and a filling that is perfectly balanced on the just-sweet-enough line. The mother-daughter team at Tiny Pies has been baking together for decades, and it shows in the hand-held sweet and savory pies.
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Cake and Spoon

This Austin bakery uses local ingredients in its fresh pies, and they know the meaning of fresh food. Cake and Spoon’s pecan pie has a sweet, delicious filling that doesn’t overpower the taste of the pecans but brings out their deep flavors. The buttery, light crust is just the icing on the cake.


Gaido’s is a delicious seafood restaurant, but the best-known dish isn’t lobster or salmon, it’s pecan pie. The amazing dessert is not your average pie; there’s no crust. You won’t even notice that this seemingly vital element is missing when you taste the decadent filling and crunchy pecans. The atmosphere inside Gaido’s is warm and inviting despite it being an upscale restaurant.

Pecan Pie © Chad Miller/Flickr

Royers Pie Haven

Ann’s pecan pie recipe, available at Royers, is what some might describe as the perfect pecan pie. Not too sweet and with none of the heavy molasses flavor pecan pies are famous for, Ann’s pie is made of three simple elements: a delicate crust, a delightfully balanced filling, and a generous layer of crisp pecan halves.

Baked Goods from Upper Crust Bakery © Davis Staedtler/Flickr

Upper Crust

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Upper Crust has been a vital part of the Austin food scene for over 28 years. The traditional Southern pecan pie is rich and flavorful. Filled with chopped up pecans from Rio Grande Organics, the pecan pie is one of the bakery’s only year-round pies. Forget about lunch; the relaxed setting of Upper Crust makes it a great place to sit and read with a slice of pie and a warm cup of coffee.
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Oak St. Pie Co.

Bakery, American, $$$
A Selection of Pies
A Selection of Pies | Courtesy of Emporium Pies
Oak St. Pie Co. claims the key to a good pie is a tasty crust. The bakery’s bestseller, the pecan pie, has a crust made with all-butter dough and hand-rolled to create a perfect, flaky consistency, and visitors rave about it. The filling has that key blend of fresh, buttery pecans and a gooey, sweet center.
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Emporium Pies

Located in the heart of the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, Emporium Pies isn’t your grandma’s pie shop. The chefs experiment with fun recipes to create instantly trendy pies. The most popular pie to date is the Drunken Nut, a pecan pie made with bourbon. The pie, encased in a shortbread crust and topped with chopped, toasted nuts, is also the baker’s favorite. Bourbon balances the sweet flavors, and the caramel bottom keeps the thick pie in place.

Emporium Pies, 314 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, TX, USA +1 469 206 6126

Berdoll Pecan Farm

Just off of Highway 71 is the ultimate roadside stop. The owners of the Berdoll Pecan Farm use their retail store to sell pies and other pecan treats they make with the fresh pecans from the farm. This pie, packed with 2 ½ cups of plump pecans is crunchy and delicious. The pie even comes in a cardboard pie box with a cute Texas cutout.

Bourbon Pecan Pie © Regan Jones/Flickr

Fredericksburg Pie Company

Coming to Fredericksburg Pie Company is like visiting grandma’s house. The pies are baked daily, and the family-style atmosphere situated in the heart of Texas Hill Country makes it a great place to sit back and relax. With the perfect balance of sweet, savory, and spicy in the pecan pies, the only complaint customers have is that the slices just aren’t big enough. If you want to booze up your pie, try the orange bourbon pecan pie.

Fredericksburg Pie Company, 108 East Austin, Fredericksburg, TX, USA +1 830 990 6992