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Rosedale/Allendale Home | © Lars Ploughmann / Flickr
Rosedale/Allendale Home | © Lars Ploughmann / Flickr

These Are the Coolest Neighborhoods in Austin

Picture of Jessica Devenyns
Updated: 23 March 2018
Austin, Texas has a place for everyone. With 150 people moving there every day, the city must have an appeal. However, if you want to move there, you must decide what neighborhood is the right fit for you. With so much to see, it can be difficult to discover what the coolest places in Austin are. So, here’s a quick guide to the coolest of the cool in the “city of weird.”


Cherrywood neighborhood
Cherrywood neighborhood | © Panoramio / WikiCommons

Cherrywood is just east of I-35 from the Hancock neighborhood, where Austin’s oldest golf course—established in 1899—is. Besides having easy access to nine holes (the back nine were converted into a shopping center in the 20th century), Cherrywood is filled with beautiful tree-lined streets. It is surrounded by the Manor district on the south side, and the north and east, which have excellent access to the main traffic arteries in the city.

Hyde Park

Hildreth–Flanagan–Heierman House
Hildreth–Flanagan–Heierman House | © David E Hollingsworth / WikiCommons

Hyde Park is the original Austin suburb. When it was constructed in 1891, it was marketed as a “white only” neighborhood, filled with Queen Anne style homes. Today, however, it is filled with various students and professionals. On several of the central streets, the bungalows have been converted into businesses. So if you want “Austin original,” but don’t want the hustle and bustle of downtown, make your way to this community-centric neighborhood just north of the University of Texas campus.


Unlike many of the other neighborhoods that are populated with longtime residents, Holly has attracted a lot of Austin transplants. Bordering Lady Bird Lake on the east side of town is the eclectic Holly neighborhood. Historically an area of town inhabited by Austin’s Latino population, the vibe is slowly changing. Now there are food trailers, bars, and restaurants on every corner. The area is a popular late-night destination for Aust