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The Very Best Steak And BBQ In El Paso, Texas
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The Very Best Steak And BBQ In El Paso, Texas

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Updated: 21 November 2016
Want fall-off-the-bone BBQ sauce slathered ribs, perfectly cooked smokey tenderloin, and charcoal chicken roasted to perfection? Check out one of the best cities for BBQ: El Paso, Texas. Get your fix of Southern cooking and BBQ at the following spots.
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Cattleman’s Steakhouse Indian Cliff’s Ranch

Get out of town for a while as you enjoy not only your steak of choice, but a Western style experience at Cattleman’s. Drive out to this destination restaurant on an amazing ranch and compound in the Texas desert. Enjoy a family-style restaurant boasting the highest quality steaks without the frills and cooked to perfection. Before or after your incredible meal with loads of the best seasoning and sides, be sure to check out the amazing grounds. See the zoo (with buffalo, long horns, and a snake pit), check out the movie set, enjoy a stunning walk around the lake, get lost in the Indian maze, or take in the incredible Fort Apache at this location that draws visitors from around the world.

Cattleman’s Steakhouse Indian Cliff’s Ranch, 3450 S Fabens Carlsbad Rd, El Paso, Texas, (915) 544-3200

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Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q

Rudy’s is ‘finger licking good.’ Not only do they have great BBQ, but they also have great sides including turkey, coleslaw, and macaroni and cheese. The cafeteria style format allows you to pick your own sides based on what strikes your visual fancy or what smells you can’t resist. Take your handpicked sides and smoked meats (that manage to retain their moisture with the added flavor infusion) to the large dining room with picnic style tables. The brisket and St. Louis BBQ fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs are a must.

Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q, 6401 S Desert Blvd, El Paso, Texas, (915) 587-8397

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Rib Hut

As the name suggests, the ribs at Rib Hut are out of control good and super filling. The sausage plate also comes highly recommended. Excellent service, great food, and gigantic portions, what else could you want from a BBQ spot? The homemade BBQ sauce is also to die for and can be purchased at the bar for home use. After being open and bustling with customers for 30 years, they know what they’re doing and serve great food and desserts. Homey-feeling cozy decor compliment the excellent home-made feeling food. Come hungry and devour the ribs, chicken, and turkey combo appetizer while you eagerly await the main event.

Rib Hut, 2612 N Mesa St., El Paso, Texas, (915) 532-7427

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Great American Land & Cattle Co

With two locations in El Paso, it’s easy to get to this incredible restaurant. Enjoy the mesquite smoked ribeye (in sandwich and original form garnished with green chili slices), the T-bone steak and fries, or sirloin burgers for a little something different. Great American Land & Cattle Co also offers Norwegian Salmon, 1 lb. baked potatoes with pineapple coleslaw and their unique pinto bean recipe. Check out the other location here.

7600 Alabama St., El Paso, Texas, (915) 751-5300

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Famous Dave’s

Open since 2005, this St. Louis style BBQ is now a local favorite and a taste bud tantalizer. Famous rich BBQ sauce slathered pork ribs, perfectly textured corn muffins, tender BBQ meats. Offering five types of sauces, from Sweet & Zesty to Rich & Sassy to Devil’s Spit, you’re sure to find the perfect mix and match. Dave comes around to check on customers regularly to make sure people are enjoying his famous saucy & flavor-packed food.

7501 N Mesa Street, El Paso, Texas, (915) 760-5355

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Great American Steakburger

Cousin of its more formal Great American Cattle & Co with different owners, Great American Steakburger offers incredible food in a more informal setting. The Great American Steak Burger offers hot and seasoned steak fries that more closely resemble perfectly seasoned potato wedges. It’s also one of two locations.

2220 N Yarbrough Dr, El Paso, Texas, (915) 595-1772

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Texas Roadhouse

All those with peanut allergies, beware: the floors, tables, and basically any flat surface are covered in shells of peanuts from barrels sporadically placed throughout the restaurant. However tasty steaks and great BBQ are what the place is known for, in addition to a great bar. Between the tender sirloin steak and delectable rib-eye, you can’t go wrong, especially not when you ask them to top it off with jack cheese and onions. Texas Roadhouse even provides addictive bread rolls to keep your watering mouth occupied while you wait.

10729 Gateway Blvd W, El Paso, Texas, (915) 591-7427