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Downtown Austin © Stuart Seeger/Flickr
Downtown Austin © Stuart Seeger/Flickr
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The Hottest Startups In Austin, Texas

Picture of Aubrey Cofield
Updated: 30 September 2016
With its low cost of living, strong local community and lack of state taxes, Austin continues to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world looking to launch the next startup. Oft-billed as ‘the next Silicon Valley’ given the booming tech scene over the past 5 years, here we take a look at some of the hottest startups to be found in this dynamic Texan town.
Downtown Austin © Stuart Seeger/Flickr
Downtown Austin | © Stuart Seeger/Flickr

It goes without saying that one of the greatest things about startups is the innovation that goes into creating these companies. Take for example Atlas Wearables, a startup who created adaptive motion fitness trackers. No, this is not your pedometer counting the steps you take throughout the day, this is much more intricate. The wearable tracker can recognize movement and auto-detect over 100 different exercises, monitoring heart rate and calories burned whilst remaining water-resistant. This gadget makes it easy to keep track of your exercise progress like nothing else can today.

Virtuix is a virtual reality game putting the player inside their favorite games. It’s designed like a platform and allows you to run, walk, and essentially navigate through the game as if you were a character.

Virtuix Omni VR © Maurizio Pesce/Flickr
Virtuix Omni VR | © Maurizio Pesce/Flickr

If you’ve ever felt frustrated trying to find a decent roommate you’ll very much appreciate Lease Buddies. Similar to finding a significant other through an online dating site, with Lease Buddies you first complete a profile and answer questions about your preferences, must-haves, and deal-breakers. You’re then matched with compatible individuals leaving you with the option to message your match and work out the logistical details.

Reaction uses some of the most advanced industry designs to create a portable shelter in the case of a natural disaster. It’s called the Exo Housing System and is a smart shelter that can be moved by hand if necessary. The initial thought behind this house was thanks to CEO of the company Michael McDaniel in response to the poorly designed shelter system for Hurricane Katrina – suffice it to say he and his team have revolutionized disaster response.

WP Engine is a hosting service working with WordPress. They provide technical and operational support to companies with large scale WordPress websites, ensuring that website performance for WordPress sites remains fast and productive.

WP Engine Web Summit © William Murphy/Flickr
WP Engine Web Summit | © William Murphy/Flickr

Craving something and you just don’t know where to get it? The mobile app Favor is your answer, allowing individuals to put a request in and have their needs met by a driver who will search for it, pick it up, and deliver it straight to your doorstep.

Local Plant Source connects landscape architects and large-scale growers with new ways of communicating. Growers are able to easily provide architects with available plants, and price while growers are told what to plant. It makes the correspondence between the two much faster and more efficient.

More startups means, in most cases, a non-traditional workplace, more jobs, and pioneering ideas – helping to foster a unique, dynamic community in the latest U.S hotbed of tech talent.