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The History Of The Texas State Cemetery In 1 Minute

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Updated: 30 June 2016
The Texas State Cemetery is the burial place of prominent Texans including the Vice President of the Republic of Texas, Stephen F. Austin, and 11 governors. The cemetery also has the graves of Confederate veterans and widows. The cemetery, which is located in Austin, is open to the public where visitors can drive through.

The cemetery lays on 22 acres and is east of Downtown Austin. It was originally the burial place of Edward Burleson, a Texas Revolutionary general. It then expanded into a Confederate cemetery during the Civil War. The cemetery is divided into two sections. One section has about 900 graves of important Texans and the other section has 2,000 marked graves of Confederate veterans and widows. The cemetery is only half-way full and already has reserved spots for other Texans.

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Not just anyone can be buried in the cemetery. There are burial guidelines that were established in 1953. People planning to be buried in this historical cemetery must meet one of the following requirements: member or ex-member of the Texas Legislature, Confederate Veteran, elected state official, state official appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature, individual designated by governor’s proclamation or concurrent resolution of the Legislature, or the spouse of anyone meeting these criteria.

Monday – Friday and Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.