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© Andreanna Moya Photography/ Flickr
© Andreanna Moya Photography/ Flickr
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The History Of The Cathedral Of Junk In 1 Minute

Picture of Mira Milla
Updated: 1 June 2016
One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. We all have heard the saying, but Vince Hannemann took action to it. The Cathedral of Junk, located in Austin, is exactly what it sounds like, a cathedral of things any person would refer to as ‘junk.’

An old bicycle tire, a lamp shade and an old television – these are items you may find when visiting the Cathedral of Junk.

Tucked away in the backyard of a regular neighborhood, the Cathedral of Junk is a mesmerizing sight once inside and is a constant work in progress. From the front of the house, it looks like your normal everyday home. But once you step inside, you will quickly see its unique environment. It’s one of those ever-changing attractions, similar to Texas’ Castle Hill and Cadillac Ranch. But instead of seeing different art from spray paint, you will see (or not see) different items depending on whether or not people leave or take them.

Vince Hannemann started this project in 1989 in his own backyard. Collecting anything and everything from pipes to scraps of metal to illuminating signs, Hannemann constructed a clubhouse that had miscellaneous things such as towers, a garden of TVs, winding stairs, open rooms you can go to and even pyramids. It got to the point where he didn’t have to collect or look for items to add to his project because people would willingly bring things to Hannemann in hopes that their junk could be a part of his created treasure. The Cathedral contains over 60 tons of junk. It’s a beautiful thing, despite it being made up of junk.

The attraction is free to the public but not always open. It is recommended to call before heading over to make sure Mr. Hannemann is home. Also, donations are taken. The Cathedral is also open for renting. There’s no doubt that it would be a fascinating place for a birthday party.