The History Of Dallas' Dealey Plaza In 1 Minute

© Stefan Ogrisek/Flickr
© Stefan Ogrisek/Flickr
Photo of Mira Milla
29 May 2016

The Dealey Plaza was made a National Historic Landmark in 1993 and for good reason. It’s the location of where tragedy struck, and many hearts were broken.

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in plain sight. The plaza commemorates the legacy of the President. The buildings and structures from then still stand today, and if you ever get the chance to visit, you may get chills just standing there.

© Stefan Ogrisek/Flickr | © Adam Jones/Flickr

The Dealey Plaza was completed in 1940 and is located west of downtown Dallas where Main Street, Elm Street and Commerce Street intersect. The main attraction tourists go to see while at Dealey Plaza is The Sixth Floor Museum. The museum, which was previously the Texas School Book Depository building, has the view and exact spot where, according to several government investigations, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated the President. Visitors will also be able to see photos, artifacts and news footage from that day. Attendees also have the option to do an audio guide.

Outside of the museum, you can see a white ‘X’ on the street. The ‘X’ marks the spot where President JFK was assassinated during his motorcade.The small sloping hill, also known as the grassy knoll, in Dealey Plaza also became well known after the assassination. The reason being that during the investigation, some of the Secret Service agents thought the gunshot came from that direction rather than the Texas School Book Depository.

This is a great place to immerse yourself and others in a historic moment of American history. More than six million people have visited the museum since 1989. If you’re planning to go, make sure to purchase your ticket by 5:15 P.M.; after that, they stop selling tickets for the day.

Hours: Monday, 12:00 P.M.-6 P.M.; Tuesday-Sunday, 10 A.M.-6 P.M.

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