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Lone Star Roundup | © Kelly Norwood / Flickr
Lone Star Roundup | © Kelly Norwood / Flickr
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The Best Things to Do in Spring in Austin

Picture of Jessica Devenyns
Updated: 29 March 2018
Springtime is finally here and memories of the long, dark winter are fading. The weather is getting warmer and flowers are blooming, which means fun nights out and weekend getaways. While everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is excited, in Austin, springtime holds a particularly fond spot in people’s hearts. Although short-lived down here, the few weeks of springtime weather we do have (before the Texas summer sun comes out) are not to be wasted.

Take Bluebonnet Photos

Texas bluebonnets | © Jeff P / Flickr

All around Central Texas in the springtime, bluebonnets start poking their heads out of the ground and smiling at the sun. The winter colors of highways are transformed into a periwinkle-tinted blanket. However, this doesn’t last for long. In a couple of weeks, the sun will become too hot and the wildflowers will disappear. So to make the memory last, do like the locals, and pull over and take your annual photos among the flowers. You can’t say you’ve been to Texas in the springtime unless you have proof.

Try Swimming

Springtime in Austin is when the weather suddenly gets hot. While it may seem like that means it’s time to jump in the water, remember, the nights are still cold, so the water hasn’t warmed up yet. Similarly, the days aren’t as hot as you think they are—just wait another two months. Nevertheless, it’s OK if you want to try early season swimming; everyone does. Just make sure you’re ready for a refreshing shock!

Visit the Austin Food and Wine Festival

The Austin Food and Wine Festival keeps getting better every year. A showcase of Texas’ most talented chefs, attendees get to try the first bites of some of the most inventive dishes that will later appear on Austin tables. If that’s not enough, there are music-filled nights to cap off a day of indulgence, and there are even mini-courses where you can learn to cook like the experts.

View Movies in the Park

Movies in the park | © Chad Miller / Flickr

Beginning in the spring, Austin Parks and Recreation partners with organizations throughout town to bring you movies in the park. All around the city, patches of green are converted into outdoor movie theaters. From dramas to cartoons, one evening a week, you can watch movies, sit outdoors, relax, and enjoy the first warm evenings of the year.

Do Yoga in the Park

In April and May, before it gets too hot, you can participate in park yoga. On Wednesday, from noon to 1 p.m., free yoga classes are held at Auditorium Shores. So, if you work downtown, take a quick break from the routine and head over to stretch and enjoy the warm sunshine. You’re sure to come back to work energized.

Attend the Lonestar Round Up

Just to the east of the city is an event made for car enthusiasts. Starting over ten years ago as a small gathering on a football field, this car show has expanded to the Travis County Exposition Center, where car lovers from all over the country bring their hot rods and classic jalopies. The entrance fee is $15 (kids under 12 are free), but it’s worth it. This might be the best car show you’ve ever seen.

Go to the Republic of Texas Biker Rally

Republic of Texas Rally | © Dustin Ground / WikiCommons

Also known at the ROT Rally, this event is the largest motorcycle rally in Texas and the largest ticketed motorcycle rally in the United States. For four days, the streets are packed with bikers cruising to and fro as they wait for the nightly entertainment to begin. Of course, if you don’t want to pay, you can just stand on the sidelines for free and enjoy the first-rate people watching that this festival brings to town.

Attend Eeyore’s Birthday Party

Eeyore’s Birthday Party | © Jack Newton / WikiCommons

Keeping Austin Weird doesn’t fully describe this festival. Every year, at the end of April, Eeyore has a birthday party. Held in Pease Park, over the years, the party has morphed into a festival filled with musicians, flamethrowers, acrobatics, and drum circles. Although it is a fundraiser to benefit non-profit groups in Austin, everybody is welcome for free and can enjoy the best and weirdest of Austin.

Have Fun at The Pecan Street Festival

The Pecan Street Festival | © Todd Dwyer / Flickr

Austin’s oldest and longest-running festival is The Pecan Street Festival. Held in the center of the city, this gigantic weekend affair attracts over 300,000 people, who wander around enjoying music, art, kids’ activities, jewelry, giant turkey legs, and a whole host of other cool activities. Make a point of attending the street fair; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll want to repeat annually.

Check Out KGSR’s Unplugged at The Grove

Starting in late spring and running into summer, KGSR’s free concert series is an Austin staple. Every Thursday night, Shady Grove hosts artists on their backyard stage, where they play to a crowd that spills out into the street. Insider tip: This event goes best with a plate of green chili fries and a Ziegenbock.