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Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park | © Steve Davies / Flickr
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The Best Stops On A West Texas Road Trip

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Updated: 28 November 2016
Traveling through West Texas you’ll feel as though you’re continuously driving through the middle of nowhere until you find a hidden gem. This, however, is the largest perk when heading out west. Here’s some of the best places to hit during a West Texas road trip.

The Big Texan Steak Ranch

One of the prime examples of ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ is The Big Texan Steak Ranch. It’s both a restaurant and motel located in Amarillo, Texas. They focus largely on the sheer size of their food and take special pride in serving the largest, juiciest steaks. You can either watch or partake in the 72 oz. steak-dinner-in-one-hour challenge. If you can finish it within the time limit you get eat for free, and it’s been said only true cowboys can handle the challenge.

The Big Texan Steak Ranch, 7701 I-40, Amarillo, TX, USA

The Big Texan Steak Ranch © Hans Marschdorf/Flickr
The Big Texan Steak Ranch | © Hans Marschdorf/Flickr
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Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site

Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site leaves visitors in awe after witnessing this amazing historical landmark. Only 70 people are allowed at a time in order to better preserve the park, and you can enjoy fairly private self-guided tours through the boulders – just don’t forget to ask the staff members where to take pictures. There’s Native American paintings on the rock walls, water-holding depressions in the boulders, and the park is also one of the best places in the world for bouldering (rock climbing without harnesses).

Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site, 6900 Hueco Tanks Road No. 1, El Paso, TX, USA

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Fort Concho

In Midland, TX lies the historical Fort Concho. Constructed during the building of the Texas frontier and once the home of nearly 500 men, the fort closed in 1889 after the last of the soldiers left. The 23 original forts now take the proud label of National Historic Landmark and there’s even a museum showcasing the fort’s historical significance to Texas.

Fort Concho, 630 S Oakes St, San Angelo, TX, USA

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Terlingua Ghost Town

Near Big Bend National Park sits one of Texas’ most popular ghost towns. Once a bustling mining town with a population of 2,000 people, Terlingua is now completely abandoned. You can still visit the disintegrating structures like the once agreeable hotel or the old Chisos Mining Company building. It’s both an eerie and interesting stop to make while in West Texas.

Terlingua Ghost Town, Terlingua, TX, USA

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch will only take up a small portion of your time but it’s well worth it. The destination is actually a public art installation. You can create your own art or sign your signature on the piece, take the requisite Instagram shot, and be on your way to the next adventure.

Cadillac Ranch, I-40 Frontage Rd, Amarillo, TX, USA

Cadillac Ranch © CGP Grey/Flickr
Cadillac Ranch | © CGP Grey/Flickr
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The Peasant Village Restaurant

This is a great option for a more upscale food stop along the way. The Peasant Village Restaurant serves gourmet sandwiches for lunch and fine dining for dinner including racks of lamb, steak, and seafood. The restaurant is located in an old home complete with unique art pieces throughout, and the stop will make for a nice treat after a day of traveling.

The Peasant Village Restaurant, 23 S Park St, San Angelo, TX, USA

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Gage Hotel

Once home to a Texas rancher, Gage Hotel is now a beautifully restored hotel. The mission-style building makes you feel like you’ve stepped back to the wild west while the modern touches give it real class. The historic hotel offers modern amenities like wifi for convenience but sits in the middle of the small Texas town of Marathon where the star gazing is phenomenal – the town actually holds one of only six Dark Sky Park designations. Their sky is ideal for astronomers and anyone looking to experience the best stargazing. The hotel also conveniently provides guests with a 24″ Dobsonian telescope.

Gage Hotel, 102 NW 1st St Highway 90W, Marathon, TX, USA

Big Bend National Park

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Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park | © Steve Davies / Flickr

Big Bend National Park

Drive along Big Bend National Park’s dirt roads that lead through canyons, creeks, boulders, and past settlements. If you plan on camping for the night make sure to hike up to the top of the canyons for the most scenic views of Texas you’ll ever witness.

Big Bend National Park, Big Bend National Park, TX, USA

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