The Best Outdoor Activities in Fort Worth, Texas

Visit Stockyards Stables to watch real-life cowboys in action
Visit Stockyards Stables to watch real-life cowboys in action | © Richard Cummins / Alamy Stock Photo
Making the most out of the great outdoors is an attitude that defines the Texan experience, which means there are plenty of activities available on your visit to Fort Worth. From hiking, riding and mountain biking, these outdoor pursuits are sure to make you feel more alive than ever.

Stockyards Stables


These historic stables located on the north side of the city provide visitors with the opportunity to live out their rancher fantasies. Guests are free to watch real-life cowboys lead a herd of longhorn cattle out of the stables or if they fancy a go themselves, horseback ride down a trail by the Trinity River. However, if you want a more elegant adventure, horse-drawn stagecoach rides are also available.

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Backwoods Paddlesports

Offering a wide range of watersports in downtown Fort Worth, Backwoods Paddlessports is perfect for exploring the Trinity River. With a choice of paddleboards, kayaks and canoes available for hire, there’s no shortage of choice for getting onto the water. Reasonably priced and now open seven days a week, Backwoods also offers classes for beginners, so it’s a great option for everyone to have a go.

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Zip-line at DFW Adventure Park

What better way is there to take in the natural beauty of the Texan landscape than speeding through the woodland at 35mph (56kph)? Located 45 minutes outside of Fort worth, the zip line at the DFW Adventure Park offers visitors the chance to experience the great outdoors through a totally new perspective. With a series of four zip lines, ranging from a 250ft to 450ft (76m to 123m) in length, there are plenty of thrills for first-time or experienced riders.

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Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Founded in 1973, the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center makes for a perfect outdoor adventure. Home to some of the world’s most exotic species, the wildlife center’s mission is to promote good stewardship of wildlife for the wellbeing of our planet. Guided tours of the center’s 1,800-acre (728ha) facility are available to book and the overlook café, as the name suggests, offers a great spot to take a break and enjoy the view during your visit.

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Fly Fish in the Trinity River

Why not make the most of the abundant fishing spots in the area around Fort Worth and try your hand at fly fishing? Due to the temperate climate, the rivers can be fished nearly all year round and do not require expert rods to have a chance at success. If you’ve never so much as baited a rod, Stephen Woodcock an ardent local fisherman, conducts free classes at Backwoods on Foch Street every Wednesday evening.

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These recommendations were updated on July 22, 2020 to keep your travel plans fresh.