The Best Microbreweries In Houston, Texas

Buffalo Bayou and Houston Skyline | © Katie Haugland/Flickr
Buffalo Bayou and Houston Skyline | © Katie Haugland/Flickr
With a fast-growing food and beverage industry, Houston is quickly positioning itself among the top US cities for beer. Deep respect for classics like Spoetzl and St. Arnold’s, mixed with a revolutionary attitude towards the beer craft, give Texans a lot to be proud of. These are the best breweries operating right now in Houston, Texas.
Buffalo Bayou and Houston Skyline © Katie Haugland/Flickr

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

This is one brewery that will always have you coming back, with their steady rotation of original and well-made beer flavors. Red velvet, gingerbread, dark chocolate and raspberries are some of their most famous flavorings. They focus entirely on the beer, which means you can bring your own food in (there’s a food truck out front) and shouldn’t expect a tour, although brewers and servers are always happy to chat. The operation, as you will notice, is small but always busy as clients fill the picnic tables quickly.
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h Wonder Brewing

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8th Wonder Brewery, Houston
8th Wonder Brewery, Houston | © Dan Keeney/DPKPR
8th Wonder is one of Houston’s favorite breweries, and it’s not surprising why. Their beer options are varied and imaginative, featuring witty names too, like the IntellectuALE, a light blonde ale that tastes like fresh fruit and wheat. Many drinkers appreciate the Alternate Universe, which smoothly hits the spot right between light and dark beers. For $15, you get to take home a souvenir glass and try three pours of beer. The brewery is housed in a cozy warehouse, while food is available from a food truck outside.
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No Label Brewing Co.

This Katy brewery is serious fun. Outdoor seating, live music and great beer make No Label a great option for spending a relaxed Saturday. The entire operation is established in an old warehouse so patrons can observe everything going on behind the scenes. Employees are also very passionate about the craft and their product, which shows in their eagerness to serve customers. Their brews are nothing short of interesting, with curious flavors like coffee, bananas or jalapeños seasoning the drink. Many drinkers prefer the El Hefe Weizen, a spicy, light blend with banana and clove.

Address & telephone number: 5351 1st St, Katy, TX 77493 +1 281 693 7545

Town In City Brewing Company

Although still very new in the Houston beer scene, Town in City has already established itself as a strong player. Their beers take inspiration from traditional English brewing practices and add fresh American hops for a fun twist. Try the City Amber, a rich, citrusy and refreshing beer perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons. The locale is open and casual, like a beer garden, with food trucks and a dog-friendly patio. The food menu consists of classic beer pairings; think sandwiches, burgers and light snacks.

Address & telephone number: 1125 W Cavalcade St, Houston, T77009, +1 832 834 7151

Karbach Brewing

Houston | © Sarath Kuchi/Flickr
Karbach is an accessible neighborhood brewery with an enjoyable patio and great atmosphere. Their beers are hoppy and creative, as they value drinker input the most. Fun seasonal and specialty brews are always changing, so you’ll want to come by and try something new a few times a year. Their location on Karbach Street also has a restaurant that serves tasty fried chicken, pizza, burgers and desserts, so even those who abstain from the beer can find something to enjoy. Be sure to ask if they have any beer-inspired dishes available, like the delicious beer tiramisu.
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