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JMBLYA Music Festival In 20 Instagram Photos
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JMBLYA Music Festival In 20 Instagram Photos

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Updated: 17 May 2016
JMBLYA celebrated the fourth annual Texas tour on May 13 and May 14 in Dallas and Austin. The two-day festival was a huge success, with two sold-out events in both cities with over 27,000 total music fans in attendance. Missed out on the JMBLYA weekend fun? No worries. Here are 20 Instagram photos that do this weekend justice!

Repost from @bbnoodz: “here’s the story of this whole day, today… We were in Austin Texas yesterday at #JMBLYA when we got notified that our American Airlines flight for this morning got canceled for no fuggin reason… & when we under the impression that we were going to have to cancel this Sacramento show because there were no direct flights to Sacramento. So we were like “ok we have no choice but to fly back to LA since we didn’t think we would make it to the show with a time slot of performing at 1:20 pm. So Kehlani, her security guard, & Edward left & were about to hop on their flight to LAX. Me and Jahaan left separately bc we couldn’t get an LAX direct flight. So me & him are walking in the Austin airport and ALL OF A SUDDEN we pull up to our gate and we see Kehlani, Ed, and Cedric sitting at it. We’re all juiced bc we didn’t even know we’re all gonna be on the same flight…. So we had a layover in San Jose, we’re walking towards our connecting flight and all of a sudden Kehlani stops walking and goes… “We’re in the bay right now we have an hour to decide if we wanna catch this flight to LAX or actually mob to Sacramento & make these fans happy” (it’s 10:00 am at this point, keep in mind Sacramento is like a 2 hour drive from SJ. So @stix blew up our phones and was like DO YOU GUYS NEED A RIDE I WILL PICK YALL UP. HALLELUJAH SWEET BABY JESUS. Me & Jahaan was ready at this point! We was boutta rent a car and be obnoxious in it with all of us ratchet kids. No manager or TM at this point it was just performers & security guard. So we mobbin in stix’s whip… I’m tryna find a make up artist, but decided it made no sense to get one bc we had no time for all of that. So me & Kehlani get dropped off to Arden Fair mall.. Go into the urban outfitters, put together the fastest outfit ever, run to Sephora FAILED @ Sephora, ran to MAC & I was so dramatic I was like “ladies we need 3 ppl to do Kehlanis make up in 13 minutes. We had like 3 fine ass girls working they hardest, they had one girl running around the store getting specific foundations, eye shadow etc.. We ran to the car with 12 mins to get to the venue RAN right on stage once we arrived, I was sweatin”

Une photo publiée par Kehlani Updates (@ysbhdaily) le

Future • JMBLYA – Austin, TX #JMBLYA #JMBLYA2016 Photo by @aaronmichaeltx Une photo publiée par JMBLYA (@thejmblya) le

Rae Sremmurd • JMBLYA – Austin, TX #JMBLYA #JMBLYA2016 Photo by @atmosvere

Une photo publiée par JMBLYA (@thejmblya) le

Post Malone • JMBLYA – Austin, TX #JMBLYA #JMBLYA2016 Photo by @blakefilms Une photo publiée par JMBLYA (@thejmblya) le

Kevin Gates • JMBLYA – Austin, TX #JMBLYA #JMBLYA2016 Photo by @aaronmichaeltx

Une photo publiée par JMBLYA (@thejmblya) le

Frendship Une photo publiée par sorry mom (@george.gaza) le

WE GOING TF UP!!! @thejmblya #jmblya2016 #moonwalking #youngestnigga #TexasMade 🤘🏼😈

Une photo publiée par Trill Sammy (@realtrillsammy) le

#Jmblya #austin #2016 On another note. Who Tryna go to summer sixteen tour?? Une photo publiée par Frank B. (@frankbee__) le

Throwback to JMBLYA!!! #JMBLYA #JMBLYA2016

Une photo publiée par Cole Wilkinson (@colecwilkinson) le

oh boy, #jmblya was definitely one for the books 😎 Une photo publiée par jena sherie navarro (@jenasherie) le

JMBLYA TODAY 🌴 #jmblya #jmblya16

Une photo publiée par Davante (@doncam.z) le

Hold up! ✋ ⛔️ take me back to the weekend @jxmmis #jmblya #dallas Une photo publiée par Karlo X. (@kx0101) le

@jacuzzilafleur at Austin JMBLYA. Super nice dude. // #jazzcartier #theJMBLYA #somanyscrimp

Une photo publiée par mandy (@atmosvere) le

#kehlani #queenkeh #kehlanistattoos #JMBLYA Une photo publiée par Wavey babyyyyy🌊🌊 (@kehlanistattoos) le

By Mira Milla