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This Houston Instagrammer Is Capturing the Art in Street Art
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This Houston Instagrammer Is Capturing the Art in Street Art

Picture of Morgan Chronin
Updated: 6 December 2016
Whether it is deemed art or vandalism, graffiti is a major part of urban culture. People in Houston are no stranger to street art, and despite its ever-changing appearance and location, graffiti artist are leaving their mark. Ivan Rodriguez captures it all, encouraging others to explore the city and find the hidden murals he documents on his Instagram page. Here are our favorite photos.

Like a lot of street art, this ‘Houston’ mural is long gone.

Maybe you’ve seen this Simpsons scene in EADO.

Some of the most colorful graffiti hides in the darkest of places.

Rodriguez discovered graffiti between train tracks.

Graffiti transformed this house into art.

This is an artist in his element.

This photo spreads the love for a colorful piece by Wiley.

An artist captures Houston pride on the side of a train car.

Always support local art.

This piece incorporates other elements, using old highway signs and wood.