Houston's Five Fantastic Comic Culture Stops

Houston's Five Fantastic Comic Culture Stops
You don’t have to travel to the San Diego Comic Con to get your fix for comic culture. Houston offers plenty of opportunities to let your geek flag fly, and to connect with like-minded fans who appreciate the stories and characters behind blockbuster films like The Avengers, Suicide Squad, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Comics © Steven Depolo/Flickr

Third Planet Sci-Fi Superstore

Journey down the Southwest Freeway and you’re sure to spot the bright blue, little piece of comic heaven that is Third Planet. As they state in their title, Third Planet is undoubtedly a sci-fi and fantasy super store. From the practically life size Spiderman behind the register, to the never-ending collection of back issues for sale, you’re bound to find something of interest within moments of stepping foot into the shop. Don’t let the sheer mass of material intimidate you (8,000 square feet), the shop is organized from top to bottom, and the staff makes sure to keep it that way.

Bedrock City Comics

A favorite of comic-inclined Houstonians, Bedrock City Comics was founded by Richard Evans in 1990. Since then, multiple locations have sprung up around various parts of town, never keeping fans of the franchise wanting. Alongside their monstrous collection of comic books and graphic novels, the team at Bedrock City promotes games and vintage collectables for purchase. If you’re a super fan of any of the mainstream stories, or if you know a super fan, Bedrock is the perfect place to pick up a gift or two.

Nan’s Games and Comics Too

If you’re in the market for a vintage or unique board game, Nan’s is the place you want to go. Step right up to the curb, admire the incredible window artwork, and prepare for an almost overwhelming amount of games for your perusal. From RPG’s to puzzles, Nan’s has an amazing collection with buried treasure at every corner. Certain pieces you’ll find at Nan’s will most likely not pop up at any other local store, so grab it while you have the shot.

Comic © Steven Depolo/Flickr

8th Dimension Comics and Games

Whether you’re a comic book veteran or just stepping foot into the universe, 8th Dimension is prepared to tend to your every comic book desire. With a knowledgeable staff and a family friendly atmosphere, this store offers it’s patrons a top-notch shopping experience. Owned and operated by Jeremy Bulloch, 8th Dimension provides the community with an excellent new-issue section, a note-worthy back catalog, and a location to play well into the night. 8th Dimension is a favorite for Houston gamers and comic lovers alike, with an entire space dedicated to tabletop gaming and tournaments, and an owner with a major passion for the culture. Bulloch was even featured in Christopher Yost’s The Scarlet Spider as an FBI agent in the Houston based Spiderman spinoff.

8th Dimension Comics & Games 


Any and all Houstonian comic fans absolutely need to attend the area’s largest comic culture festival, Comicpalooza. The convention brings in dozens of major celebrities and artists every year, and has them hosting Q&A’s and workshops for the fans and attendees. But if it’s actual comic books you’re looking for, head down to the dealer’s room and you will not be disappointed. Vendors from all over the state make an appearance to earn some dough and sell some books, and at incredible prices, at that. In September 2015, the team behind Comicpalooza presents Houston FanFair, which claims to be a fan appreciation event show in honor of those who have attended the convention in years past. Tickets are on sale now for $25 each.