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Alamo Drafthouse | © eng1ne/Flickr
Alamo Drafthouse | © eng1ne/Flickr

Catch Too Late Before It’s Too Late

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Updated: 31 March 2016
Alamo Drafthouse at Vintage Park presents a special screening of director Dennis Hauck’s film Too Late exclusively in 35MM. The film follows Sampson, a private detective searching for a missing stripper named Dorothy. As he searches through the seedy sides of LA, he delves farther and farther into the twisted web of relationships and secrets that lead him to fear it may be too late. The film shines in its unique technical aspects. The film is presented on five reels, each containing one uninterrupted sequence with no edits. The reels are interchanged to tell the story out of order, but it still manages to make sense. Check out this fresh twist on LA noir.