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 ©Kris Atomic/Unsplash
©Kris Atomic/Unsplash

A French Person's Guide To Austin Cafés

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Updated: 9 February 2017
If you’re looking for an authentic French café or you simply miss France and its excellent food, finding a place to satisfy this craving can be hard when you’re in Texas. Fortunately, Austin has a wide variety of French cafés and bistros that can appease even your most intense French cravings. Below, find our guide to Austin’s French cafés.


Hopfields is a rustic gastropub located just north of downtown. Hopfields offers a variety of French-inspired fare and also has a wide selection of craft beers on tap. The café itself is dimly lit but very cozy, making Hopfields a great place to not just hang out, but make some friends as well. The food is authentic and delicious, their pommes frites are some of the best fries in Austin, and everything is made from scratch in-house using local farm-fresh produce. If you’re looking for something authentically French in a chic setting, Hopfields is a must try.

3110 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX USA+1 512 537-0467

Henri’s Cheese & Wine

Henri’s Cheese & Wine is an upscale neighborhood café and cheese shop located on South Lamar. This modern and chic fixture offers gourmet cheeses, wines, and charcuterie plates, as well as delicious and authentic French café fare. Henri’s offers lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends, and they also have all day cheese and charcuterie services and an ‘afternoon snack’ menu for the hours between lunch and dinner. Although on the pricey side, Henri’s friendly staff and Francophile atmosphere make it a great spot to treat yourself.

2026 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX USA, +1 (512) 442-3373

Charcuterie Board |©Edsel Little/Flickr

Charcuterie Board |©Edsel Little/Flickr

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is an adorable little market located on Duval in Hyde Park, owned by people who know and love cheese. While primarily providing a huge array of different kinds of cheeses, Antonelli’s also offers cured meats, breads, and sundries, as well as craft beer and wines. Antonelli’s provides bread and cheeses for other local businesses, but it is worth the visit to the shop itself. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable about their products, and will satisfy even the most critical of tastes.

4220 Duval St, Austin, TX USA+1 (512) 531-9610


LENOIR Restaurant on South 1st Street is a romantic eatery offering French and Mediterranean fare. LENOIR has a weekly menu based on food availability from almost exclusively local vendors, meaning their meals are often suited to the weather and climate in Austin. LENOIR’S wine selection and wine garden also changes to compliment their food. The restaurant’s owners created LENOIR as an attempt to connect with Austin’s culinary community, sourcing their food from local farms. LENOIR is expensive, but their food is fresh and made with a great deal of thought.

1807 S 1st St, Austin, TX USA, +1 (512) 215-9778

Josephine House

Josephine House in Austin’s historic Clarksville neighborhood is the sister restaurant to the fine dining spot Jeffery’s. Josephine House has breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, and happy hour menus, as well as a ‘steak frites’ night on Mondays. Josephine House offers a blend of French and American cuisine, as well as charcuterie and cheese plates during lunch and dinner. They also bake their pastries and breads in-house. Josephine House is another expensive Austin spot, but its happy hours and gorgeous atmosphere make it worth visiting.

1601 Waterston Ave, Austin, TX USA, +1 (512) 477-5584

Steak with Fries ©Mario Lurig

Steak with Fries ©Mario Lurig

Texas French Bread

Texas French Bread is a cozy bakery and café located just off the University of Texas campus. Texas French Bread’s bakery offers freshly prepared breads, pastries, cookies, cakes, macarons, and other baked goods daily. During the day, their café offers salads and sandwiches made on their own breads, and at night Texas French Bread offers a more elaborate, reservation-only dinner menu with items such as steak tartare and salade lyonnaise. Anyone is welcome to their happy hour, however, with different wines, craft beers, and snacks and sandwiches at very reasonable prices.

2900 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX USA, +1 (512) 499-0544

©Jeffery W/Wikicommons

©Jeffery W/Wikicommons

Chez Nous

Chez Nous is a casual Parisian bistro located downtown. It was founded in 1982 by native Parisians, and has been a French staple in Austin ever since. Chez Nous appeals to those looking for a traditional French meal, with its lunch, dinner, and dinner prix fixe menus featuring exclusively French cuisine. Its dinner menu includes items such a escargot and confits de canard, as well as charcuterie, cheese, and a wine and aperitif list. Despite its French nature, Chez Nous is entirely unpretentious, and is a fun place to experience France in Texas.

510 Neches St, Austin, TX USA, +1 (512) 473-2413