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Inspring TED Talks By Speakers From Texas
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Inspring TED Talks By Speakers From Texas

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Updated: 29 December 2016
From the first man on the moon to Dr. Pepper and Ruby Red Grapefruits, many great ideas and innovations have come from Texas. Get inspired to create and improve your own life and the world around you with these brilliant TED talks by some of Texas’ creative minds.

Robin Murphy designs the game-changing robots helping first-responders and disaster relief workers save more lives and restore communities sooner.

Determined to improve the lives of disaster victims, McDaniel’s decided to bring his ideas to life on his own.

You won’t want to send anything to the landfill after listening to Phillips talk about the houses he builds from 80 percent recycled and reclaimed materials.

Tufekci weighs the potential of today’s online social change movement and the difficulties in making it successful.

Martin will inspire you to embrace your hobbies and passions and carve out a little time and space for yourself.

Honore talks about the conscious decision to slow down in today’s fast-paced society.

Ficklin makes us literally see music differently using music and fire.

A featured TED talk, councilman Burns speaks a message of courage and strength to victims of bullying.