10 Relaxing Getaways In Dallas

Thanksgiving Chapel | © Jamie Paxton
Thanksgiving Chapel | © Jamie Paxton
Photo of Jamie Paxton
9 February 2017

Spring is almost here, and it is time to catch up on the outdoors after the long winter’s nap. Dallas and the surrounding area has some of the best quiet places in the state. March 21st is the first day of spring, so start planning your outings. Here are the top ten places for a quiet day for wherever you feel like spending it!

Getzendaner Park

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Getzendaner Park
Getzendaner Park | © Paul O'Rear/Flickr
If you are looking for a quiet hike or a place to read in the shade, Getzendaner Park is the place go to. Even if the playgrounds are being used, there is so much space that the noise is not noticed. There are six miles worth of trails, and most of it is paved for an easy hike. It is also by a grove of trees if you feel like being in the woods, though it is not deep. It is a great place to refresh.

The Lighthouse Coffee Bar

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Lighthouse Sign
Lighthouse Sign | © Jamie Paxton
The Lighthouse is a place that is clean and simple (a 100 on their health inspection!) It is a place where first dates get married and couples stargaze through the summer on their patio. Debbie is the manager and she is full of life and passionate; her laugh lights up the room. This is a place where they put community above profit. Relax in the quietness while the aroma of coffee lifts into your nose almost by accident. They offer artists a place to showcase their work in the gallery and offer a great stage for musicians to come play before an audience. Great for a date or a change of scenery.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

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Cedar Ridge Preserve is a place that is dedicated to the land and wildlife. It is maintained by the Dallas Audubon and is free to the public. There is a lot of hiking going on here, and many people come and let their dogs get in on the challenge with their trails. With nine miles of trails, ranging from easy to difficult, there is something for everyone. It is quiet and cool from the shade of the trees. Many people also come to bird-watch year-round. It’s a great attraction for locals and tourists alike.

The White Rhino

The White Rhino is located in downtown Cedar Hill, has a massive following but has stayed humbled. It is usually full of people but somehow remains calm and quiet even with it being crowded. They serve sandwiches and baked goods along with coffee. Plus, their menu is easy to read and understand. This is a wonderful place to check email over coffee or come for lunch with a dear friend. The staff is very nice and educated on their drinks. Also, they provide outdoor tables and a pull up service for those who need their java in a hurry.

The White Rhino, 230 W Beltline Rd, Cedar Hill, TX, USA, +1 972 293 7361

Lynn Creek Park

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Joe Pool Lake
Joe Pool Lake | © Susan E Adams/Flickr
Lynn Creek Park is an amazing place to visit. It is located by Joe Pool Lake and is such a beautiful place to enjoy throughout spring and summer. It offers a swimming area right on the banks and a fun ship playground that gives kids great joy. It serves as a wonderful place to view wildlife on its walking trails. During the week, it is quiet and serene with just the sounds of wind, birds songs, and lapping water. It is a place that you can be still in and take in creation with the sun over the water.

Lester Lorch Park

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Pond View Lorch Park
Pond View Lorch Park | © Jamie Paxton
Lester Lorch Park has wonderful views and is also made with people’s competitive nature in mind. It is a disc golf park for pros and novices alike. There are two courses in Lester Lorch Park, making it a fun place to see your skills at throwing frisbees. Many people have spent afternoons here laughing and playing or just walking and watching. It remains quiet though, even if there are other people practicing and playing around you. It is well maintained and gives adventurous types something different to do during their free time.

Pioneer Park Cemetery

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Pioneer Park Statue | © Stefan Ogrisek/Flickr
Pioneer Park Statue | © Stefan Ogrisek/Flickr
Pioneer Park is a grand site to visit whether you have lived around Dallas for a lifetime or you are here for a short time. It is nestled in downtown but brings you back to the realities of life that took place over 100 years ago. There is a great cattle drive statue created by Robert Summers that is breathtaking for any individual. It is the largest of its kind and is so detailed that you can almost envision what the cowboys were contemplating while they drove their cattle to their long-away destination. Up the hill from the sculpture is a cemetery that serves as a resting place for some important people of Dallas – founders and mayors are dated back to the 1800s. It’s a quiet place to contemplate where you should head to next.

The Fountain Place

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The Fountain Place building has a distinct rocket-like shape
The Fountain Place building has a distinct rocket-like shape | © M Pei / Flickr
The Fountain Place is a tranquil place to meet during the day and a romantic place to talk in the evening. It is located in the Arts District of Dallas and is eye-opening to the wonders that make Dallas unique. With trees surrounded by water, one could take a stroll and watch the water or find a nice place to sit and write with the sounds of moving water in the air. With many places to eat nearby, it is a prime location for like-minded guests to talk about everything while the sun goes down, and then watch as the water is illuminated by nightfall.

Thanksgiving Square

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The Thanks-Giving Square Chapel is a non-denominational chapel hidden in downtown Dallas
The Thanks-Giving Square Chapel is a non-denominational chapel hidden in downtown Dallas | © Leonid Furmansky / Thanks-Giving Square
Traveling and life can cause lots of unwanted stress and tension as you move forward with the year. In Dallas, there is a place called Thanksgiving Square, and it can help give you some perspective on life and its woes. It contains a walk with prompts that help people realize how blessed they are. It is shaded and pretty, with a gorgeous mural on the wall with scripture. Up the stairs and across a bridge is a tiny circle chapel that looks as if it wanted to touch Heaven with its stained-glass windows. It is tranquil with few seats and stillness. Having a touch-and-go day? Head to this place.

The Old Red Museum

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Old Red Museum is a Dallas county museum designed in Romanesque Revival architecture
Old Red Museum is a Dallas county museum designed in Romanesque Revival architecture | © Stephen Hanafin / Flickr
Here is a quiet and friendly museum where you can go and explore Dallas through the ages. It has interactive elements at many of the stations, complete with information and quizzes to help children and adults alike retain what they are learning. It is a four-story building with amazing architecture, and the museum uses the first two floors. It is a place to see where Dallas has been in the past and a reflection on where Dallas should go in the future. This is a place that needs to be seen by locals and tourists alike.