The Best Jazz Clubs in Nashville

Stacy Mitchhart Band at Sambuca | © Austin Kirk / Flickr
Stacy Mitchhart Band at Sambuca | © Austin Kirk / Flickr
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24 January 2017

Jazz musicians in Nashville aren’t afforded the same opportunities as other music genres when it comes to playing live shows. However, there are a few places where you can find the ultimate live-jazz music experience, including the four spots featured below.

Nashville Jazz Workshop

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It’s a music school and event center in one. Founded in 1998, the Nashville Jazz Workshop serves as a place where jazz musicians, both seasoned and budding, come together to strengthen the jazz community in Nashville. From music classes to summer camp to performances, the school’s mission is “to expand and enrich people’s lives by offering world-class jazz education and performance in supportive and creative environments.”

Battleground Smokes and Spirits

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It’s primarily a cigar shop, but Battleground Smokes and Spirits often has live jazz music. The smoke shop is located in Nolensville, a small town south of Nashville, and has a furnished lounge to make your visit comfortable. Sit and listen to local jazz musicians as you puff on cigars and sip on spirits.


Not only does Sambuca Restaurant have a menu full of American food to choose from, but it also has live music nightly. Weekends usually feature cover bands and high-energy performers, but jazz musicians also make appearances. Enjoy a fruity cocktail and romantic dinner among the sounds of Nashville’s finest jazz groups.

Sambuca Restaurant, 601 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN, USA, +1 615 248 2888

Stacy Mitchhart Band | © Austin Kirk / Flickr

Stacy Mitchhart Band at Sambuca | © Austin Kirk / Flickr

Rudy’s Jazz Room

It doesn’t open until spring 2017, but Rudy’s Jazz Room is set to be the go-to place in Nashville to hear jazz music. Its home will be in The Gulch, and it will serve New Orleans-inspired food in addition to hosting a nightly rotation of jazz bands. Successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign, Rudy’s Jazz Room posts updates on their page as they become available.

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