The Top 10 Restaurants in Sevierville, Tennessee

Burger | © Veryulissa/Shutterstock
Burger | © Veryulissa/Shutterstock
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10 February 2017

With less than 15,000 inhabitants, Sevierville still manages to pack in big flavors, making the most of the fine fare on offer around the mountains and local lakes. Featuring seriously good seafood, beef and much more, here are Sevierville’s top 10 finest dining spots.

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The Diner

Diner, American, Vegetarian, $$$
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The Diner, Sevierville, TN
The Diner, Sevierville, TN | © Carl Wycoff/Flickr
Every American town or city needs a good classic diner, and Sevierville has The Diner. With its classic fifties feel and hearty portions, this joint is definitely worth a drive to. More than that, though, The Diner is a Sevierville institution, bringing the community together over eggs and pancakes every morning, and welcoming visitors in with hot coffee and warm smiles. Still locally-owned and a unique place in Sevierville, no trip to The Diner is complete without a burger or breakfast.

English Mountain Trout Farm & Grill

The English Mountain Trout Farm and Grill offers a ‘you hook ‘em, we cook ‘em service’ where they serve the fish you catch blackened, lemon peppered or fried. If you have a bad day and do not catch enough fish to feed a family or simply do not fancy fishing, then they also offer a delicious à la carte menu, full of the freshest fish imaginable.

English Mountain Trout Farm & Grill, 291 BlowingCave Road, Sevierville, TN, USA +1 865 429 5553

Fried fish and vegetables | © Jacek Chabraszewski/Shutterstock

Fried fish and vegetables | © Jacek Chabraszewski/Shutterstock

The Apple Valley Creamery

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A wonderfully nostalgic creamery and bakery right out of the early days of the south, The Apple Valley Creamery offers food as delicious as its setting is picturesque. With over fifty flavors of handmade, home-churned ice cream and a selection of old-timey baked goods to choose from, it is the perfect place to go if you are looking for some of the sweetest treats in all of Tennessee. They even deliver for those looking for a little taste of home right in their own homes.

Elvira's Café

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Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict | © Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin/Flickr
Elvira’s Cafépromises ‘an escape from the mundane’. With locally-sourced and freshly prepared ingredients, Elvira’s offers fine dining volunteer state-style, allowing you to eat great food whilst taking in fresh mountain air from their screened patio. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, each course offers the fantastic country cooking you would expect, be it biscuits, gravy or eggs benedict in the morning or fresh prime rib in the evening.

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

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Open Apple Pie
Open Apple Pie | © DEGTIAREVA VIKTORIIA/Shutterstock
Offering the best elements of the ‘good old days’, the sweet smell of freshly-baked apple pie, made with fruit straight off of the tree, without any bad memories of chopping wood in the bitter cold, Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant offers vintage farmhouse dining in two locations in the Smoky Mountains. You can even dine on the porch if you are looking for a truly authentic memory of times gone by! With excellent customer service and signature apple fritters, it is a must-visit.

Friendly Falls Food & Stuff

It is not many restaurants that can offer you the sights and sounds of a real waterfall as you eat, and this is the jewel in Friendly Falls’ culinary crown. As well as being one of the finest event spaces in the Smoky Mountains, the food at Friendly Falls Food and Stuff does not disappoint either. Local smoked trout plate, homemade pimento cheese, and cool drinks are their specialties, and best of all you can dip your feet in the refreshingly cool water whilst you wait for your meal.

Friendly Falls Food & Stuff, 2135 Wears Valley Road, Sevierville, TN, +1 865 429 2139

Holston’s Kitchen

Holston’s Kitchen serves American classics with traditional tried and tested techniques, the chefs add a modern flair and the freshest possible ingredients. Holston’s Kitchen offer all the dishes you would expect, their Angus steaks and prime rib are of the highest quality in the area, and if you want great beef fast, they even offer speedy express lunches most weekdays.

Holston’s Kitchen, 639 DollyParton Parkway, Sevierville, TN, USA +1 865 365 4205

Deep South Smokehouse Grill

A hidden treasure in the Appalachians, most have been drawn to the Deep South Smokehouse Grill by the extremely tempting scent of their barbecue, as smoky as the Smoky Mountains themselves. Describing themselves as ‘artisan style BBQ’, their signature dry rubs and chipotle sauces are all handmade, and each pork joint is given the love and attention that good barbecue food needs, perfectly cooked and then served with the best of whatever is in season. Get there now before word really gets out.

Deep South Smokehouse Grill, 2933 PitmanCenter Road, Sevierville, TN, USA +1 865 773 7807

Prime Black Angus Ribeye steak | © Davidchuk Alexey/Shutterstock

Prime Black Angus Ribeye steak | © Davidchuk Alexey/Shutterstock

PawPaw’s Kajun Kitchen

Authentic, family owned and family operated, PawPaw’s Cajun Kitchen offers cajun cooking done with care, love and the right amount of heat. Making the most of local seafood, their hot boiled crawfish is known throughout the city, as red hotas crawfish should be, and tasty looking. This, plus great cajun barbecue and delicious authentic sides make PawPaw’s a case for cajun celebration.

PawPaw’s KajunKitchen,2760 Wears Valley Road, Sevierville, TN, USA +1 865 446 4978

Bistro 109

Bistro, American, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, $$$
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Bistro 109 offers the best fine dining in all of Sevierville, and is the perfect choice for a special occasion, or if you want to satisfy an upscale craving for really good food. Five star dining is not easy to come by in Tennessee, so be sure to savor their selection of southern-inspired entrees, soured from high quality providers of beef, pork, seafood and even lamb. All this is served in a truly luxurious dining room, all exposed drink and atmospheric lighting that is the perfect elegant accompaniment to sophisticated food.