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Ford Galaxie 500 | © fr4dd / Flickr
Ford Galaxie 500 | © fr4dd / Flickr
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A Stadium-Sized Indoor Drive-In Theater Is Opening in Nashville

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Updated: 14 February 2017
With things like Redbox making films easy and affordable to enjoy from home, it isn’t surprising that many movie theaters are seeing a decline in movie ticket sales. But Nashville has plans to open an innovative new venue for enjoying on-screen entertainment that will give the city a major economic boost, thanks to its incredibly creative concept.

It won’t be just a movie theater. And it won’t be just a drive-in. The August Moon Drive-In, scheduled to open in Nashville in 2018, will be an indoor stadium that offers more than just movie viewing. Designed like an indoor theme park, the 40,000-square-foot (3,716-square-meter) dome will project films onto the largest non-IMAX screen in the country. Each screening is expected to provide up to three hours of entertainment, and the drive-in has plans to run 18 showings a week of movies that are not widely screened. People will be able to enjoy the films from luxury stadium seats, tree swings, or while sitting in a car. There will be 40 classic cars from the 1960s to give moviegoers the most authentic drive-in experience possible.

The roof of the stadium will project stars and fireflies to recreate the environment of an outdoor drive-in. There will be a 360-degree lighted backdrop that creates a realistic sunset before each showing, and the sound design will provide visitors with the chirps of crickets and the whispers of a summer breeze. With gravel pathways and 20 cherry blossom trees, there will also be areas for hosting private tree house events.

Interactive experience expert Michael Counts in the brainchild behind the plans, which has the venue set to open near Nissan Stadium. Counts is known as the creator of “The Walking Dead Experience” and is raising money to fund the $10 million project. The plans for August Moon also include a lounge that will feature live music, interactive movie previews with actors in attendance, and movie choices determined by attendee voting.

Milk Shakes and Spiked! Shakes

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Admission prices will range from $8 to $20, depending on seating options, and the facility will also offer food and drink services. Comfort foods like burgers and milkshakes, as well as drinks from a full bar, will be available to moviegoers. August Moon will truly give new meaning to the term “dinner and a movie.” Counts wants to give people a true “summer night movie experience” with August Moon, drawing from the things people enjoy most about movies and giving them a movie-viewing experience that transports them back to the decades when drive-in movies were all the rage.