The Best Coffee Shops To Stop At In Nashville, Tennessee

© Barista Parlor Sign, Daniel Zemans/Flickr
© Barista Parlor Sign, Daniel Zemans/Flickr
Nashville was recently rated the 13th best coffee city in the country by Travel + Leisure Magazine, just edging out New York City. This should come as no surprise to the city’s caffeine-dependent visitors and residents: you could devote weeks to exploring Nashville’s coffee scene and still only skim the surface.

J&J’s Market & Cafe

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Nestled in the heart of Nashville’s bustling Midtown neighborhood, this coffee shop is something of a hidden gem in contrast to the city’s more well known coffee shops and cafes. Furnished with mismatched armchairs and serving drinks with names like ‘Studying Nietzsche,’ J & J’s Market is unique even in a town saturated with coffee shops.
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Ask anyone about for a coffee shop recommendation in Nashville, and chances are that their answer will include Fido. Located in Nashville’s Hillsboro Village, Fido is a popular destination for both visitors and residents alike.

Fido, 1812 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN, USA ,+1 615 777 3436

Best Coffee Shop For Serious Coffee Lovers: Barista Parlor

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Barista Parlor
Barista Parlor | © Daniel Zemans/Flickr
Barista Parlor was singled out as one of America’s best coffee shops by Epicurious in 2015. Everything from the décor to its emphasis on serving the best possible coffee sets this shop apart from any other. While the coffee is on the higher end of the caffeine price range, with pour-over starting at about five dollars, devoted coffee lovers will not be disappointed by the wide selection of different roasts and the top-notch preparation.
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Portland Brew

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Portland Brew, Nashville
Portland Brew, Nashville | © Portland Brew 12th South, Lou Stejskal/Flickr
Let’s face it: coffee can get expensive. If you’re looking for a coffee shop outing that will not drain your bank account, check out Portland Brew, located in Nashville’s ever growing 12 South neighborhood. Not only are drinks less expensive than most of its other coffee shop counterparts, but the first refill is free on drip coffee.
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Frothy Monkey at Grimey’s Too

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Interested in grabbing a cup of coffee while browsing Nashville’s most well-known record store? Frothy Monkey, one of the most popular local coffee shop chains in the city, opened a location in Grimey’s Too in 2013 for just this purpose. Grimey’s offers a robust selection of records for music lovers, and its Grimey’s Too/Howlin’ Books location next door sells a wide variety of new and used records and books.
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