12 Things You Miss When You Leave Nashville

Downtown Nashville Near the Riverfront | © Nicolas Henderson / Flickr
Downtown Nashville Near the Riverfront | © Nicolas Henderson / Flickr
Photo of Leena Kollar
15 December 2017

Once you’ve been to Nashville, it’s hard to leave, and this might be why the area continues to be one of America’s fastest-growing cities. Nashville has so much to offer; whether you’re just dropping in for a visit or making it your permanent home, it’s not a place that’s easy to say goodbye to. These 12 things are what make leaving so hard to do.

There’s great food everywhere

It’s not just classic Southern dishes that people in Nashville enjoy. Yes, those are part of the culture, but there are also several delicious bakeries, vegetarian restaurants, food trucks, and pizza joints. And besides the wide variety of food types, each is served with ingredients and recipes that make each meal taste like something out of a fairy tale.

Steak Dinner | © Pixabay

The people are very kind

The South is known for its hospitality, and Nashville is no exception. No matter who you meet, you’re bound to befriend a stranger. If you need directions somewhere, people are happy to give them. If you’re feeling upset and need a pick-me-up, there’s someone who will hold your hand and give you a shoulder to cry on. Nashvillians will pray for you, laugh with you, and never forget you.

The music scene is unparalleled

There is no music scene in the country like the one in Nashville. Almost everyone in the city is either a musician, knows a musician or wants to be a musician. And the number of live music venues is a good indication that Nashville is, at its core, a musical town full of talent. Music in every genre can be heard coming from downtown honky-tonks, restaurants and bars, and even on street corners. It’s hard to leave a place that has so much inspiration to share.

Woman Playing an Electric Guitar | © Pixabay

There are tons of things to do

It doesn’t matter what your interests are because you’ll find something you enjoy doing in Nashville. There are places to listen to live music, restaurants to grab a meal, parks for having outdoor adventures, and museums all across the city. Once you explore the vast array of options, you won’t want to go anywhere but to the next Nashville hot spot.

The lifestyle is slow paced

The great thing about being somewhere so laid-back is that you don’t feel stressed out very often. People in Nashville are patient. They aren’t in a hurry to get places, and they are big on taking time to enjoy life. The family-oriented city values a work-life balance and knows the importance of self-care. If you truly want to live by the motto, “Stop and smell the roses,” you can do that in Nashville.

Legs Hanging Out a Car Window | © Pixabay

You can’t beat the scenery

Every season in Nashville is hyper-stereotypical. The fall welcomes brightly colored leaves and vibrant sunsets. The winter provides snow and brisk temperatures. Colorful flowers bloom in the spring, and the summer is always hot enough for hitting the pool. With each season in Nashville, you’ll be welcomed by sights, scents, tastes, and sounds that remind you of what time of year it is. And everything you see, hear, and taste is more than ordinary. Postcards could easily be made by snapping photos of Nashville any time of year.

There is a strong sense of community

In a place like Nashville, which values family and friends, you’ll always feel welcome. The city comes together during times of need, and Nashvillians won’t hesitate to give back if the community is struggling. Whether it’s by giving blood, volunteering or working together on a fundraising event, you won’t feel alone when you come to Nashville.

All For One And One For All | © Pixabay

Those Southern accents

If you aren’t used to speaking to people with Southern accents, the Nashville dialect might seem a bit annoying at first. But it won’t be long before that Southern twang starts to rub off on you, and you find yourself drawn to it. When you leave Nashville and begin hearing people speak without accents, you’ll realize just how adorable “Nashville speak” is.

The city is full of patriotism

Nashville is a place that’s proud of being part of the United States. Support for our troops is big in Nashville, and you’ll find lots of houses and buildings flying American flags. With a thriving community of Nashville creators and makers, the city encourages people to “shop small” by supporting local businesses. Nashville-made means American-made, and that’s the way Nashvillians like it.

American Flag Displayed on a Front Porch | © Pixabay

There are many small boutiques

You can go shopping at large department stores and chain retailers, but Nashville has many independent boutiques that sell clothing, accessories, and home goods that are unique. Some boutiques even sell Tennessee and Nashville merchandise, allowing people to show off their city pride. You won’t look like everyone else when you shop at the boutiques in Nashville, and that’s one thing you’ll miss when you go.

Spirituality leads the city

You’d be hard-pressed to find a corner in Nashville that doesn’t have a church on it. Nashvillians are very spiritual, religious people who keep their faith at the forefront of their lives, which means there is a very hopeful, optimistic vibe in the city. Whether people rely on God or meditation to keep them centered, there’s a sense of calmness that you’ll find in Nashville because of the city’s dedication to a life focused on outer beings and inner peace.

Man Praying | © Pixabay

There is so much to explore at the museums

Whether you’re interested in history, music, U.S. government, botany or creative arts, there are so many museums in Nashville to explore. Learn about the history of country music at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Check out Cheekwood Estate & Gardens for art and outdoor gardens. Visit Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage to learn about the former president’s life on the farm, or hit the Frist Center for the Visual Arts to support local and regional artists.

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