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Top 10 Restaurants In Rapid City, South Dakota

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Rapid City, South Dakota is overlooked by the magnificent Mount Rushmore and the nearby Black Hills. Here are the 10 best places to eat well in Rapid City.

Hana Japanese and Korean Grill and Sushi Bar

Hana serves a wide range of Japanese and Korean dishes, from fresh sushi to their signature deep-fried spring rolls. It is the ideal place to sample some exotic tastes for the first time. The staff and chef will be more than happy to suggest something from the menu if it is your first time trying sushi and sake. The starters on offer include pork and chicken dumplings, tofu steaks with teriyaki sauce and seaweed soup with traditional daikon radish shavings. The main courses available are extensive. It’s here that you can really let your tastebuds run wild and indulge in a little culinary adventuring. The beef bulgogi is reputed to be excellent. Plus, there are more than 30 signature spring rolls to choose from. The sushi nigiri on offer range from tako (octopus) and hamachi (yellow tail), to izumidai (snapper) and hotate (scallop).

Hana, 3500 Sturgis Road, Rapid City, South Dakota, USA +1 605 348 0299

Independent Ale House

There is nothing overcomplicated about the Independent Ale House – it’s just a traditional ale house serving beer and pizza. What makes the Ale House special, though, is that there are 40 beers on rotating taps and a further 145 bottled beers available. The pizzas are renowned as being some of the best available in Rapid City. All of the pizzas are handcrafted by the staff at the Ale House to complement the beer selection. This range includes American, Mexican, Irish, Scottish, German, English, and of course Belgian beers. Traditional decor complements the uncluttered and simple charm of the Ale House.

Independent Ale House, 625 St Joseph Street, Rapid City, South Dakota, USA +1 605 718 9492


Vertex Sky Bar

Vertex Sky Bar offers a dining experience that is just a little different. Opened in 2011, the sky bar is located on the 10h and 11th floors of the historic Alex Johnson Hotel. This hotel has been a Rapid City institution since 1928. From the Sky Bar you have a panoramic view of the entire city and all the way to the Black Hills in the west and the prairies to the east. There is a fine dining menu on offer with cold and hot tapas and a wide range of hearty dishes. Try the cubed tenderloin of buffalo with spicy sauce if you are looking for a quick bite. If you want something more substantial, opt for the chargrilled sirloin with whiskey glaze and jumbo asparagus.

Vertex Sky Bar, 523 6th Street, Rapid City, South Dakota, USA, +1 605 854 1215


Vertex Sky Bar
Courtesy Vertex Sky Bar

Kathmandu Bistro

The Kathmandu Bistro is based in a building that dates back to 1886 and has an extraordinary menu featuring Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan dishes. The interior decor similarly advertises the eastern character of the bistro, with prayer flags and Nepalese murals invoking the spirit of the Himalayas. The menu features a full range of curries including vindaloos, biryanis, kormas, jalfrezis, daals, and tandoori dishes. It is when we come to the chef’s specialities that things get really interesting. If you are feeling courageous then try the alligator taas. This dish is the meat from the tail of a Florida alligator marinated in milk, garlic and ginger then coated in Himalayan seasonings. It is seared and served with onions and green peppers.

Kathmandu Bistro, 727 Main Street, Rapid City, South Dakota, USA +1 605 343 5070

Colonial House Restaurant

The Colonial House prides itself on its warmth of hospitality. The restaurant has been run by the Beshara family since 1981 and has seen three generations welcome patrons to the Colonial House over the years. Today the head chef Kevin Beshara provides a menu that combines old favorites with more contemporary fare. Among the dishes are chicken fried steak, cod fillet, and BBQ pork ribs for those seeking more hearty, rich flavors.  Alternatively there is ocean salmon, buffalo steaks, and the hummus platter for those seeking a lighter, more contemporary-style meal. Pastry chef Jeff Slathar is also on hand to offer desserts made each morning. Watch out for fresh muffins and the caramel rolls.

Colonial House Restaurant, 2501 Mount Rushmore Road, Rapid City, South Dakota, USA +1 605 342 4640


Colonial House Restaurant
Courtesy Colonial House

Everest Cuisine

Everest Cuisine is consistently rated as the best restaurant in Rapid City. Under the experienced head chef Rewatirem Kandel, Everest Cuisine offers the finest Indian and Nepalese flavors made from freshly ground spices and fresh ingredients each day. The lunch buffet is particularly popular with patrons and runs from 11am to 2.30pm each day. The dinner menu is wide-ranging. There is a full selection of curries including tikka masala, saag, korma, makhani, biryani and tandoori options. You can opt for seafood or meats such as chicken, goat, lamb, or shrimp and there are plenty of vegetable dishes on offer as well. The naans available include plain options along with more exotic peshawori and aloo paratha – wheatbread stuffed with peas and potatoes.

Everest Cuisine, 2328 W Main St Rapid City, SD, USA, +1 605 343 4444

Piesano’s Pacchia

Piesano’s Pacchia is a warm and welcoming Italian restaurant ideal for dinner or grabbing a sandwich at lunchtime. The atmosphere is relaxed and the waiting staff will ensure you are well-looked after. The food is uncomplicated and features well-executed Italian dishes. If you are just looking for a sandwich there are plenty of options on freshly baked bread. For more substantial dinner options there is an array of homemade Italian fare on offer. Choose from dishes served everyday such as spaghetti and pizzas, or daily specials including gyro, manicotti, calzone, and lasagne. The pizzas are what Piesano’s is renowned for among locals in Rapid City. You can choose from around 15 different toppings including fiery fajita chicken or chicken alfredo, or take the chance to create your own masterpiece.

Piesano’s Pacchia, 3618 Canyon Lake Drive, Rapid City, South Dakota, USA +1 605 341 6941

Piesano's Pacchia
Courtesy Piesano’s Pacchia

Tally’s Silver Spoon

There has been a restaurant where Tally’s Silver Spoon stands since the 1930s. Tally’s is known as something of a Rapid City landmark and is famous for offering fine-dining options throughout the day. The chef received his training in various Michelin-starred kitchens in Europe and takes considerable care when it comes to the quality of the ingredients. You can find simple old favorites at Tally’s such as cheese soup and chicken strips for lunch. Or, come back for dinner to sample a more sophisticated range of flavors. Choose from sirloin burgers, foie gras, spring lamb, bison tenderloin, and halibut carefully cooked in foaming butter. There is also an extensive wine list, with first-class sauvignon blanc from New Zealand and Napa Valley chardonnays.

Tally’s Silver Spoon, 530 6th Street, Rapid Street, South Dakota, USA +1 605 342 7621


Enigma Restaurant

Enigma offers a cozy, refined dining experience – dim lighting, wood-paneled walls and a quiet atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy the rich flavors and excellent dishes on the menu. Based in downtown Rapid City, this places has breakfast, lunch and dinner menus depending on when you drop in. The seafood on the dinner menu is of particularly high quality. Try the coquilles st jacques or the Scottish salmon. If you are feeling a little more carnivorous then go for the elk tenderloin from the Rocky Mountains, served with caramelized bleu cheese and baby carrots. There is also the Colorado grass-fed lamb with lavender, raspberry and blackberry chutney.

Enigma Restaurant, 445 Mount Rushmore Road, Rapid City, South Dakota, USA +1 605 716 0600


Murphy’s Pub and Grill

Murphy’s has been a Rapid City institution since the repeal of Prohibition in the 1930s. The pub and grill moved to its current location in 1984 in what was once the Rapid City Garage, and was renovated in 2011. The pub and grill provides a refreshingly traditional and engaging atmosphere. This is thanks to the combination of good pub food, fine company, and lots of good beer. The menu is packed with lots of traditional dishes made with the finest local and seasonal ingredients. You will find shepherd’s pie with marinated lamb, buffalo meatloaf, Dakota pork medallions, and the grand old pub staple fish and chips.

Murphy’s Pub and Grill, 510 9th Street, Rapid City, South Dakota 57701 +1 605 791 2244


Murphy''s Pub and Grill
Courtesy Murphy’s Grill