Discover Greenville, South Carolina's Hottest New Destination

Liberty Bridge At Falls Park | Courtesy
Liberty Bridge At Falls Park | Courtesy
Named by The Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 places of this year to visit in the USA, with a downtown area that was also ranked among ‘America’s Ten Best’ by Forbes Magazine, the city of Greenville is quickly becoming one of South Carolina‘s most popular travel destinations.

Priding itself on the hugely diverse range of activities it has on offer, from cultural museum and gallery trips, to world-class culinary experiences, to picturesque rivers and cycle trails, it is little wonder that Greenville is building up such a reputation for itself. We catch up with Taryn Scher from VisitGreenvilleSC to find out what visitors can expect from this very underrated city.

Liberty Bridge At Falls Park Courtesy

Describe your town in three words.

Charming; Innovative; Happy.
Where are the must-visit places in your town?

The list could go on forever – there is just so much to see and do. However, I always tell visitors they must take a photo in front of The Liberty Bridge at Falls Park. It’s the one photo that you want that really says ‘I was in Greenville’.
What’s the go-to place for authentic local cuisine?

If you want Southern BBQ and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, go to Henry’s Smokehouse; if you want Southern comfort food, try Soby’s New South Cuisine.
What makes your town unique? Is it the people, the sights, the food scene, or something else entirely?

Greenville offers a remarkable blend of international culture that you don’t really expect to find in the South, much of which can be attributed to BMW – the International Manufacturing HQ for BMW is here in Greenville, and is on track to be the largest manufacturing facility in the world for the company by 2016. This blends with the town’s culture in order to create a wonderful atmosphere in which to work and to play. Just look at Main Street; there are more than a dozen international cuisines offered in restaurants in a three-block radius alone.
What should I spend my last five dollars on in Greenville?

A happy G phone dot! I get asked absolutely all the time where I got mine. They can be purchased through the VisitGreenvilleSC website.
What is Greenville’s most bizarre tradition?

We love to close down Main Street. Whether it’s for a concert, road race, a festival, our Farmer’s Market… Main Street gets closed down a lot. But it’s always for something fun and open to the public. If Main Street is closed, you probably want to go find out why and be part of it.

Bob Jones Museum & Gallery Courtesy

Where should culture lovers go in Greenville?

The Greenville County Museum of Art has the largest collection of Andrew Wyeth watercolor paintings, and The Bob Jones Museum & Gallery houses the largest religious art collection in the Western Hemisphere. Art Crossing Studios along the Reedy River is a great place to meet some of the local artists.
What is Greenville’s proudest moment in history so far?

Being named by The Lonely Planet as one of the Top Ten places in the US to visit in 2015 was huge – immediately followed by Peter Greenberg telling CBS Saturday Morning that Greenville was one of the top six places in the World to visit in 2015.
What is the best kept secret of Greenville?

Why everyone here is so happy all the time.
What brings tourists to Greenville?

Cycling has become a huge draw in this area. The 18+ mile GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail has really brought attention to the area, not just for avid cyclists but for leisure riders too.

Greenville Swamp Rabbit Cycle Trail Courtesy

Why do you think your town has made the Top 10 in South Carolina?

Greenville is surprising – people come here with little or no expectations, and just can’t believe all there is to do here. From world-class culinary experiences to amazing cultural amenities, Greenville will surprise and delight at every turn.

  • Greenville is one of the winners of The Culture Trip’s South Carolina Local Favorite 2015 Award. The Local Favorite badge is awarded to our favorite local towns, restaurants, artists, galleries, and everything in between. We are passionate about showcasing popular local talents on a global scale, so we have cultivated a carefully selected, but growing community.