Top Things To Do And See In South Street, Philadelphia

South Street | © Chris Brown/Flickr
South Street | © Chris Brown/Flickr
Photo of Carlotta Bosi
9 February 2017

Philadelphia’s South Street begins in University City at the intersection of Spruce Street and 33rd, crossing the city all the way to Front Street. It’s one of the most lively streets in the city, with all the independent and characteristic shops you could hope for. Everyone wishing to visit, should be sure to check out this list.

South Street | © Chris Brown/Flickr


South Street is an invasion of lights and colors, with its many shop windows filled with every kind of peculiar object. Visitors can find antiques shops and independent book stores, or even an anarchist book shop. You can find a comic at Atomic City Comics and buy the perfect pair of sneakers, or check out some music at South Street Sounds. And if you get chilly along the way, Loop is the perfect spot, with its colorful and warm wool balls and knit kits.


With its colorful slushy flavors, Rita’s fits perfectly into the area’s spirit. Stop by to savor a refreshing ‘Italian Ice’ or one of the creative ice-cream types available, or even a mix both in their trademark ‘Blendini’. At Rita’s customers can choose from a wide variety of yummy toppings to put on their Sundaes or throw into their customized Blendini; perfect for a fun and tasty experience, all while strolling down South Street.

Rita’s, 2124 South St, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Theatre of the Living Arts

The Theatre of the Living Arts hosts concerts right throughout the year, featuring music for all kinds of tastes. Its history dates back to the early 20th century, when it opened as one of the first nickelodeons and since then it has served many functions, from movie theater to theater, and now a concert hall. A number of world famous actors along the years have walked onto the stage of this theater, well known for its outstanding acoustics.

Theatre of the Living Arts, 334 South St, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Art Gallery, Museum
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An incredible show of lights and colors on South Street itself, the Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens occupy three lots. First opened in the late ’60s, it’s now a staple of the city. Including an art gallery for temporary exhibits and a huge mosaic maze created by the mosaic artist Isahiah Zagar, it is an unmissable spectacle that everybody can enjoy.