A Tour of Philadelphia’s Georgian Architectural Landmarks

Cliveden | © Jack Boucher / WikiCommons
Cliveden | © Jack Boucher / WikiCommons
Named after the four royal Georges of the British House of Hanover, Georgian architecture refers to a style popularized between 1714 and 1830 and characterized by relatively simple buildings, a smaller amount of ornamentation, and symmetrical features. Read on for where you can find examples of Georgian architecture right here in Philadelphia.

Independence Hall

One of Philadelphia’s most famous buildings, Independence Hall is in the Georgian style, with a simple exterior and excellent symmetry. A Venetian window is located on its south façade, and it features architectural elements such as marble keystones. Due to its simplicity, it was atypical of most state houses when it was built.

Independence Hall © skeeze / Pixabay

Reynolds-Morris House

Now the Morris House Hotel, the Reynolds-Morris House in Washington Square West is a classic Georgian townhouse, with three stories of perfectly symmetrical windows. It is also home to M Restaurant and plays host to plenty of Philadelphia weddings.

Reynolds-Morris House Public Domain / WikiCommons


Located in Germantown, Cliveden is an estate that was a major part of the American Revolution, even though it was originally built by Benjamin Chew to avoid the yellow fever outbreaks plaguing Pennsylvania.

Cliveden © Jack Boucher / WikiCommons

Stenton Mansion

Originally the home of James Logan, who was the colonial mayor of Philadelphia and the Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Stenton is in North Philadelphia and is an example of early North American Georgian architecture.

Stenton Mansion © Jack E Boucher / WikiCommons

President’s House

The President’s House, which was home to both George Washington and John Adams, has mostly been torn down, but the outline of the house’s basic architecture remains just steps away from Philadelphia’s most historic sites.

President’s House © Ziko van Dijk / WikiCommons