The Best Restaurants In Portland's Chinatown, Oregon

The Best Restaurants In Portland's Chinatown, Oregon
The quirky neighborhood of Chinatown is bursting with creativity, keeping Portland, Oregon the weird and wonderful spot it is. We invite you to read our guide to the best spots to eat in Chinatown.

The Red Robe

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The Red Robe provides customers with an authentic Chinese experience. It is one of the few restaurants to provide Gong Fu tea service. The waiter here will take the time to explain the story behind every tea, how is it poured, and the reasons as to why the black teas belong in clay pots and green ones in glass pots. The food is just as phenomenal however. Irresistible menu items include the homemade dumplings that are cooked with fresh ingredients and burst with flavors. There are many reasons as to why the Red Robe is one of Chinatown’s most beloved restaurants.

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Good Taste

Restaurant, Chinese
wonton noodle soup
wonton noodle soup | ©InterContinental Hong Kong

The large portions at Good Taste are not only generous but deliciously satisfying for even the most demanding of bellies. This hole-in-the-wall joint is replete with Chinese customers which gives it an authentic feel and speaks volumes about its quality. One of the many standouts is the ‘Super Bowl’, which consists of a wonton noodle soup with barbecue pork, roast pork and duck – super tasty. Good vibes are always to be found at Good Taste, just make sure to come in with a healthy appetite.

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E-San Thai Cuisine

Restaurant, Thai, $$$

This family-owned restaurant offers delicious Thai cuisine in the heart of Chinatown. Set in a simple brick dining room, the tasteful dishes to be tried stand out for their freshness and authenticity. In fact, E-San is closed for breakfast every morning as the chef is occupied buying that day’s fresh ingredients in the city’s markets. The pad Thai with shrimp and the green curry with chicken are some of the many options customers will encounter here. Eat in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere that offers a friendly service and even an exotic feel that’s hard to find the likes of anywhere else in Portland.

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Golden Horse Seafood

Restaurant, Seafood
Golden Horse Seafood
Golden Horse Seafood | © Parker Knight/Flickr

Get a real taste of China at the Golden Horse Seafood. The menu here is varied and extensive and specializes in, unsurprisingly, seafood. This restaurant offers a house special chow mien and other classic Chinese fare. The flavorful food and the budget-friendly prices make the Golden Horse a well known hotspot among locals. It is a can’t-be-missed venue while exploring this picturesque neighborhood of PDX.

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SuBe Sushi

Restaurant, Sushi, $$$

SuBe’s is a sophisticated and trendy restaurant with a chic ambiance that offers fresh sushi and a fine selection of Sake. The sushi is made with fresh catches of the day and are always prepared with local and organic ingredients. This is something the Pacific Northwest is particularly known for. SuBe’s ranks in a different class of sushi restaurants due to its original and imaginative creations. Some of these innovative rolls mix eel with caramelized banana, such as the Sube Ball or the famous Tokyo Tower, which consists of egg, avocado, rice, and spicy crab. It’s all deliciously divine.

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