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The 10 Best Restaurants in Clinton, Portland, Oregon

The 10 Best Restaurants in Clinton, Portland, Oregon

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Portland, Oregon’s Clinton neighborhood is a vibrant area filled with unique, high-quality restaurants. Whether vegan or carnivorous, looking for something exotic or something more traditional and familiar, Portland’s Clinton area has a restaurant that will suit every taste. Read on to discover the 10 best restaurant in Portland, Oregon’s Clinton area.

Oyster Platter | © T.Tseng/Flickr

Oyster Platter | © T.Tseng/Flickr


Almost hidden in the back of B&T Oyster Bar sits Roe, a small, elegant seafood restaurant that epitomizes fine dining. The food on the menu changes often and seasonally, and is available in two options, the guest’s choice four course menu, or the chef’s tasting seven course menu, available to a party of up to four each night. Guests can drink from the full bar or order either a wine pairing or full beverage service with aperitif, digestif, and wine pairings to accompany their meal.


Address & Telephone Number: Roe, 3113 SE Division St, Portland, OR, USA, +1 503 232 1566


Bacon © cookbookman17/Flickr

Bacon © cookbookman17/Flickr

The American Local

The American Local is a unique bar and restaurant with an eccentric blend of Asian fusion and American comfort food. The staff of the American Local is attentive and friendly. Guests sit at bright red chairs or at the bar and order off of a menu with unusual items such as octopus skewers, pork belly and sriracha and maple skewers, and fried brussels sprouts. For drinks, guests can order whatever they wish from the full bar or try something from the variety of rare wines or beers.


Address & Telephone Number: The American Local, 3003 SE Division St, Portland, OR, USA, +1 503 954 2687


Vegetarian Curry | © GracinhaMarco Abundo/WikiCommons

Bollywood Theater

Walking into Bollywood Theater is like stepping out of Portland and into India. The steel plates and cups, the bohemian decor and colors, and the painted wooden signs make visitors feel like they’re dining on street food in India. The food itself adds to the effect with authentic dishes such as curries, pork vindaloo, samosas, and sides like chutney, okra, and chole. Customers can also order a cocktail or a drink from the full bar, or they can drink a yogurt lassi or warm or cold chai.


Address & Telephone Number: Bollywood Theater, 3010 SE Division St, Portland, OR, USA, +1 503 477 6699


Sushi | Courtesy of Pixabay

Sushi Mazi

With fresh ingredients and true Japanese roots, Sushi Mazi is home to some of the best sushi in Portland’s Clinton area. The wooden walls and contemporary art and decor make Sushi Mazi feel stylish and modern. Sushi Mazi is known for its creative sushi rolls, such as the grasshopper roll with real grasshopper, or the pop rocks roll with real candy pop rocks on top. In addition to sushi, Sushi Mazi also serves traditional Japanese favorites like chicken katsu and teriyaki tofu, salmon, or chicken.


Address & Telephone Number: Sushi Mazi, 2126 SE Division St, Portland, OR, USA, +1 503 432 8651


Iodio’s spaghetti with shrimp and wild mushrooms | Courtesy Iodio

Iodio’s spaghetti with shrimp and wild mushrooms | Courtesy Iodio

Ava Gene’s

Ava Gene’s is an Italian restaurant right out of Rome that serves foods made with produce and meats sourced locally from Portland. The hanging lights across the ceiling and the marble bar serve as a reminder of the European inspiration for the restaurant. The menu is mostly in Italian, but the waiters are helpful. The menu has an impressive selection of cheeses, vegetables, and meat dishes as well.

Address & Telephone Number: Ava Gene’s, 3377 SE Division St, Portland, OR, USA, +1 971 229 0571



Yataimura Maru, or ‘Maru’ as they’re affectionately called by their loyal customers, is a Japanese restaurant that serves traditional dishes like ramen, sushi, and more with modern, creative twists. They serve a variety of sushi rolls as well as traditional sashimi. Maru has a variety of ramen and udon soups made with homemade ramen and udon noodles. Maru is also known for its grilled foods, such as their bacon-wrapped asparagus skewers and their ‘okonomiyaki,’ a grilled pancake of pork, squid, and ebi.

Address & Telephone Number: Yataimura Maru, 3810 SE Division St, Portland, OR, USA, +1 503 841 5527


Spaghetti Bolognese | © Pug Girl/Flickr

Spaghetti Bolognese | © Pug Girl/Flickr

Taste Unique

Located on Southeast Division Street, Taste Unique is a traditional Italian kitchen with a wide variety of pastas and authentic Italian food. The Italian restaurant serves both creative and classic dishes such as stuffed sardines, squash gnocci, fettuccine with squid ink, bolognese, and focaccia bread. The restaurant also serves fancy desserts such as cannoli, profiterole pastry puffs, and panna cotta with Nutella. Long tables are available for the whole family to enjoy a nice Italian dinner.


Address & Telephone Number: Taste Unique, 2134 SE Division St, Portland, OR, USA, +1 503 206 7059


Steak | © dbreen/Pixabay

Steak | © dbreen/Pixabay

Kim Jong Grillin’

Kim Jong Grillin‘ is a food truck and not a restaurant, but with its high-quality food and loyal fanbase, it has earned its spot on this list. The food truck can normally be seen on the corner of Division Street and SE 46th Avenue amongst the other food trucks and carts, but with its black paint and tiger logo on the side, it certainly stands out. The authentic Korean barbecue such as Bulgogi beef, kimchee, and Korean short ribs have launched this food truck into stardom.


Address & Telephone Number: Kim Jong Grillin, various parts of SE Division St, Portland, OR, USA, +1 503 929 0522


Papa G’s Vegan Organic Deli

At Papa G’s Vegan Organic Deli, everything is vegan, organic, made from scratch, and full of flavor. The deli serves creative vegan dishes like tempeh reubens, sunflower seed ‘cheeze’ sandwiches, barbecue tofu, cornbread, and curry bowls. Despite the large and diverse menu, those looking for something more can build their own organic and vegan plate or bowl. Papa G’s offers organic drinks like vegan coconut blueberry kefir to go with their meals.


Address & Telephone Number: Papa G’s Vegan Organic Deli, 2314 SE Division St, Portland, OR, USA, +1 503 235 0244


Clay’s Smokehouse Grill

Clay’s Smokehouse Grill, named after the two-year-old son of the owners, smokes all of its own meats and veggies on site at the restaurant. From smoked hot wings, seafood, ribs, and chicken, to even a few smoked vegetarian options, Clay’s Smokehouse produces fine quality smoked fare. Clay’s also serves a variety of smoked meat sandwiches that come with french fries smothered in a garlic sauce. Clay’s also makes a delicious macaroni with thick cheese.


Address & Telephone Number: Clay’s Smokehouse Grill, 2932 SE Division St, Portland, OR, USA, +1 503 235 4755