Natalie Fletcher’s Amazing Landscape Body Art

Natalie Fletcher’s Amazing Landscape Body Art
Oregon-based painter Natalie Fletcher creates amazing body art by blending her models into nature’s breathtaking beauty. Recent winner of Game Show Network’s Skin Wars, Fletcher is currently traveling across the US with her bucket of colors and her brush, planning to paint two bodies in each of the 50 states for her 100 Bodies Across America project.
St John’s Bridge © Natalie Fletcher

Fletcher grew up in Texas and started drawing at the age of five. She discovered painting during a high school art class and was immediately hooked. In 2010, she completed a four-year intensive art program in classical realism at the Ashland Academy of Art in Oregon, where she was inspired by the wild landscape and beautiful scenery.

Painted Hills, body paint by Natalie Fletcher. Photo © Arthur Tripp
Art in the Park © Natalie Fletcher

Fletcher was living in Bend, Oregon, when she saw an ad for a body painter in the local paper and decided to take her chance. Since she had no previous experience in body painting, she painted four bodies in a week, including her own, and sent off her pictures. A few days later, an enthusiastic Fletcher had her first job as a body painter.

Soth Street Pier © Natalie Fletcher

The 28-year-old artist masterfully uses body make-up to camouflage her models into their natural surroundings, blending their bodies seamlessly into a mountainous landscape, a sandy beach, an empty highway, or a handsome tree. Nature’s beauty is not the only key to Fletcher’s creative inspiration; her interest in body art is, after all, greatly motivated by the degree of interaction and intimacy created between the artist and her canvas. In her paintings, Fletcher invites her models on a journey of vulnerability and self-acceptance, often portraying their personal stories on their flesh. One example is her work with Benji Schwimmer, former member of the Mormon community, who was painted in front of a Mormon temple in Los Angeles.

In 2014, Fletcher took her talent to a body painting reality competition, Skin Wars, broadcast on the Game Show Network, and won first place. In March 2015, she embarked on a six-month adventure across the US for her ambitious 100 Bodies Across America project. She plans to create two pieces of body art in every state and has invited people to join her project through her personal website. Her long-term dream is to travel around the world painting people into their surroundings and beautiful scenery.

To learn more about Natalie Fletcher visit her website. You can buy her artwork online here.