11 Oregon Photographers You Should Know

Find peace and quiet in Bend, Oregon
Find peace and quiet in Bend, Oregon | © Jonathan Miske / Flickr
Photo of Katrina Nattress
6 April 2018

Oregon is a treasure trove for photographers—particularly some great talents who are native or at least now local to the state. After peeping these 11 Instagram accounts, you may consider calling it home, too.

Jesse Roos

Jesse Roos’ Instagram profile says: “The journey is the destination,” and his pictures prove it. The Portland-based photographer’s feed is filled with adventure posts ranging from snow capped mountaintops and rock climbers, to cascading waterfalls and lighthouses guiding ships home. Though his photos focus on the majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest and beyond, Roos gets bonus points for including subjects in his work.

Stay wild.

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Ashley Brehm

A year ago, photography was the last thing on Ashley Brehm’s mind. She loved the creative side but had never so much as used a digital camera. That all changed when she moved to Oregon. Today, the freelance photographer specializes in mood and “finding beauty in the darkness.” Her Instagram feed features creatively arranged portraits of humans and animals, as well as atmospheric landscape shots.

Ben Vickery

Ben Vickery may shoot and edit all his photos on his iPhone, but that doesn’t make them any less inspiring. The Oregon native is an art and design director by trade, and as a result, he has an eye for composition unlike anyone else on this list. His Instagram feed is filled with flawlessly framed photos of everyday life that look anything but ordinary.

Sun Breaks. #shotoniphone

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Jess Selig

Jess Selig describes herself as a “photographer, hiker, camper, nature lover living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest,” and her photos mirror that sentiment. The Portland-based artist finds beauty in the city and the majesty of Oregon’s natural wonders. Her Instagram feed includes both city life and the great outdoors, shot in vibrant colors and impressively framed.

Happy first day of spring!

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Seiji Nanbu

Seiji Nanbu is a proud Portland native and self-described “passionate lover of food.” He takes that love and turns it into mouthwatering photos of the best eats Oregon has to offer. From pictures of donuts to poke to coffee, Nanbu’s Instagram feed is sure to make you hungry, even if you’ve just finished a meal.

Good way to wrap up my day. 🍩❤

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Joseph Watrous

Joseph Watrous takes some of the most wondrous photos of the Pacific Northwest, and you can too. The photographer hosts one on one workshops in Portland and most PNW regions, offering sunrise and sunset sessions that center on composition, focus and exposure techniques. Take one look at his breathtaking Instagram feed and you’ll feel inspired.

Jade Sheldon

Jade Sheldon is a Portland-based illustrator, photographer and model, and her photos encapsulate all aspects of her creativity. Her Instagram feed features beautiful pictures of Jade and beautiful pictures Jade took, all thoughtfully framed and inviting a glimpse into the artist’s life.

Thomas Guy

Thomas Guy’s Instagram feed offers a variety of awe-inspiring photos, from portraits to landscapes and food. The Portland-based photographer specializes in drone shots, and the perspectives he captures are unlike any other on this list. He also photographs his dogs, and who doesn’t like dog pictures?


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Kari may not reveal much information about herself online, but her photos speak for themselves. The enigmatic Central Oregon-based photographer is a wilderness lover, and her Instagram feed bursts with vibrant posts documenting the great outdoors all around the state, with a focus on Central Oregon.

Jen Stevenson

Okay, so technically Jen Stevenson is a food writer, but she takes some pretty damn appetizing pictures of food, too. The author of Portland’s 100 Best Places to Stuff Your Faces, has a feed that will make you begin to salivate immediately upon clicking.

Rainy day Shiitake Shoyu ramen at @boxerramen.🍜

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Brian Crippe

Brian Crippe likes to play around with light and exposure, and the results are out of this world. The Portland-based photographer shoots everything from events to products, weddings and fashion, but his Instagram mostly focuses on landscapes, portraits and his worldly travels.

Early morning missions…

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