10 Great Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Downtown Tulsa | © David Hepworth/Flickr
Downtown Tulsa | © David Hepworth/Flickr
Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a city well-primed for the breakfast-loving traveler. It offers everything from all-American diners to innovative fine-dining joints. Check out our selection of the top places to go for a great start to the morning.


Chimera café is a quaint little eatery located in downtown Tulsa and serves a good variety of drinks and brunch options for those on the go. The café tailors its menu to a wide variety of people. From those who drink to those who don’t, vegetarians or non-vegetarians, and more – there is plenty to find on offer.

Chimera, 212 N Main St, Tulsa, OK, USA, +1 (918) 779-4303

Oklahoma Kolache Company

Oklahoma Kolache Company serves warm breakfast food from Czech Republic is the name of the game, and chefs here are creative with how they serve this pastry-heavy kitchen. Whether sweet or savory, there are oodles of warm options ready to be devoured.
Oklahoma Kolache Company, 1534 E. 15th Street Tulsa, OK, USA, +1 918-295-8822

The Coffee House on Cherry Street

Beat the early morning rush at the quiet Coffee House on Cherry Street. This around-the-corner café serves some of the best coffee going, perfect for an early-in-the-morning hit. Friendly staff and eclectic decor compliment a varied selection of pastries and wonderful oatmeal creations.
Coffee House, 1502 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK, USA, +1 (918) 779-6137